MyPillow Corded Classic Pillow, 2-Pack

No, they were sued for false, misleading medical claims. $ 1 million worth. More reason to be suspect. Sorry Woot, but these are over priced foam.

Bamboo? No thanks. I prefer plywood pillows.

Bad pillows from a bad company. Save your money.

It could be that I’m exhausted, but I found this really funny :grin:

Why am I getting this terrible feeling that people who do not like (hate) this pillow are of a certain political bent??

I hate this pillow because it’s just an uncomfortable bag of chopped up foam. Buy a cheap foam pillow, take scissors to it, and dump the cut up chunks into two pillow cases and you’ll have the same product for less than a quarter of the price.

Not knowing anything about the company, I purchased a pair of their “Giza Elegance” pillows in firm form Woot back in February. They are truly bizarre pillows, weird foam bits inside, odd lumpiness, they fluff up quite large and deflate quickly. That said, they are extremely comfortable.

I like “cold” pillows, and the My Pillows I dropped 100 bux on don’t stay even cool but heat up quickly. Didn’t notice a smell. Will say, it feels like I’m sleeping on a brick. The Kroger $15 pillows were much more comfy, and cool.

i bought a pillow every month because i would wake up with a stiff neck and lived off of motrin. I decided to get this pillow… i wish i know about this a long time ago. i havent bought a new pillow in 16 months since I got this pillow. i have washed it a couple times. i got the standard and wish I got the king - so i will be ordering the king now and will put the standard pillow in my suitcase for travel

I bought the 2 pack medium/firm combo. Figure why not try them? My pillow is a mixed bag of reviews. The BBB ratings are from complaints and lawsuits about the claims of the better night sleep regarding health benefits and pricing deal advertising. Which has nothing to do with the pillows themselves aside from maybe customers did not get the appropriate pillow firmness.

Really pillows should be nearly flat to allow neck and spine to lay flat not sharply arched over, except if you lay on your side in which you need a thick pillow to match the width of your shoulder.

Wider shoulders = Thicker pillow.

Just hoping one of these two pillow is what I need.