Mystery Box of Electronics

Mystery Box of Electronics
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Sep 14 to Thursday, Sep 17) + transit
Condition: Mystery


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Interesting, very interesting. Too rich for my blood, but I’m be sure to keep coming back for the unboxings.

is this like a boc of electronics? am I going to get a toaster? is there a warranty on the stuff inside or if it sucks and is broken am I SOL?

$50 for a box of crap? Yeesh - that’s a pricey gamble for “maybe it’s media cables or screen protectors!”

wow…$50, huh? Quite the risk.

Was there a coupon code somewhere I was supposed to know about?

Too rich for my blood…

$50??? not for what it says might be in it…

After the reaction from my wife when I bought one for $89.99 from another site I’m not allowed to spend money on things like this for awhile otherwise I’d probably buy one.

I could just buy a power bank, but… the mystery box could be ANYTHING! Why, it could even be a power bank! I’ve always wanted one of those!

wow, woot just jumped the shark for me…actually that happened a while ago, but this makes it official. screen protectors? 50 dollars for a screen protector and a hdmi cable and 2 dollar headphone? are you serious?

Yikes, tempting until they warned what could be in it. More like electronics accessories.

You just sucked $50 out of my pocket. Congrats woot. I hope it is worth it.

Such a sucker for these things… In for one!

You had me at mystery.

I’m guessing these are filled with the stuff that used to make it into BOCs?

I may regret it but I pulled the trigger. My one “splurge” for the month so to say. Hopefully might find a tablet or a canon lens in here. Here is to being hopeful.

Inside my brain tonight.

“Mystery box, hmm that’s interesting. Well I haven’t bought a mystery anything for a while…Okay I’m in for one…(Purchases one)…dear god what have I done?”

I’ll chance it…

Will there be lead paint wipes and milk straws in it?