Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)

Better buy 2,one for parts. My new one needs a motherboard after 18 months. Very common problem ,check the web.

THIS is true- I had the same thin g happen- Mine worked amazing for three days and then died- I contacted Neato and they sent me a replacement. They were very friendly about it too- I just had to email them my purchase confirmation email from woot. :slight_smile:

I love my Neato!

“In the 1 year warranty I had 4 units from Neato”

I cannot think of another product that consumers would put up with like these! People must REALLY like robots or REALLY hate using a vacuum cleaner!

When irobot brought out the 500 series, it was a major deal that the main parts were modular, and easily user replaceable at costs you could live with. Except the main module - the CHM (cleaning head module) had wide-open places where hairs and other crap could get into the gears. They lasted about 3 months in my house. You could modify them, ship them off to this guy to do it for you (not cheap at all), or take them apart monthly or so to clean the goop out (and irobot would void your warranty for doing this, as crazy as that sounds). The take-apart-and-clean routine took a good 30 minutes start to final clean-up. And after so many of these cleans, the things would still fail, and become junk. When you got new ones under warranty it was all fine, to buy them repeatedly was cost prohibitive. Go forward a few years and we have the new robots, still modular. The new CHM’s from the 700 series fit into a 500 and work fine, and the crap-in-gears issue is about solved - I run 2 and over a year now with these CHM’s, no issue at all. Things of this nature are seldom A-1 functioning when first introduced in the market, later models are typically much improved. That is the only reason I would try another Neato product. It’s a great idea and when they work they are great. I just do not wish to be a major contributor to their research and development funding. And I guess I am still not seeing a lot of evidence of significant resolution of old problems, and no new problems popping up. When things like a little belt - just a glorified rubber band - break and render the whole robot trash, that is just absurd design, and they need to realize these kinds of things and fix them. Rubber belts are on many vacs and have been for decades, they are a wear item and easily user replacable. Except neato.

Again I have talked myself out of another Neato at this time, maybe I will look for a good deal on a roomba. I have a big house and 3 shedding dogs to deal with.

I believe they were thinking of the small side sweep brush that roomba has a patent on. Neato and roomba both have traditional beater bars for cleaning the floor, the roomba is the only one that has an extra little brush on the side that will sweep the edge of the wall and the floor.

I have had both refurbed roomba and neato. My roomba was not a vacuum, it only swept. My neato is the pet one they are selling here. I prefer the neato. I have all tile floors, 3 dogs and a cat. The floor looks relatively clean but neato always picks up more than I thought he would. My neato has a better cleaning patter and history of returning to base for recharge than my roomba did. I have replaced batteries once on the neato, but I had to do that with the roomba too, so not an issue.

for those needing batteries… i found them at bed bath and beyond, able to use the coupon for 20%off and they were cheaper than an offbrand, or at least close enough to pay for the name brand.

New Neato models (Neato Botvac) have the side brush as well.

I bought this model from Woot in September to replace my Roomba 400 series. The Neato is definitely more effective than that Roomba, but it was dated.

I had a problem with the battery right out of the box but I followed instructions in the manual and it sorted itself out. I’m pleased with my purchase.

I really want a Botvac, but they are so much more expensive right now that I can’t justify the price difference. Woot’s price plus SquareTrade seems like a good way to get me at least a year’s worth of good extra cleaning to combat this damn dog hair!

Purchased 2. One for me and one for the GF. I’ve never done a square trade warranty and while I’ll go do my own research on how it works etc… I do have one question: It appears that I just bought a warranty on an appliance that costs $170… that’s it. As such, since I actually bought 2 today, and there didn’t appear to be any link whatsoever to WHAT I bought (it just said woot), I suppose I just buy a second warranty and that’s that? I mean, I will then have to hope the GF and I are together in 2yrs (length of purchased warranty)… if not, maybe I’ll make her buy it off me. haha. Anyway, any advice is appreciated.


Update: email reply from square trade made nearly zero sense. I have replied back asking for clarification. They said I would need to go through Woot to cancel my current warranty. Weird. anyway, not super impressed so far, but we’ll see what round 2 brings.

Another update: I received only the ‘quick start’ guide in my Neato box. No manual at all. I’ll go search around the interwebs and see what I can find. (found it:

GRRR…Just got it. Won’t charge. So frustrating. Contacting Neato to see what they want to do. Oy.

Customer Service was good, so far, so getting a new PowerSupply. However, my voltmeter shows 24V output, so not sure that’s the issue…

They sent me a whole new docking station with charger and now it seems to be working like a champ! Neato sent the replacement 2-day at no cost to me. Sure, I would have preferred that it work right out of the box, but I can’t complain given how well they did in this situation.

Got mine yesterday and the thing won’t charge. I get the pulsating amber light and the bottom side of the robot is warm but after about 12 hours on the charger the battery status hasn’t changed. :frowning:

The charger itself has something loose inside rattling around.

Pretty bummed!

I’m very sorry about that- you do have a warranty with Neato and should be able to contact them for replacement/repair, looks like you can contact them here.

After working with Neato support and getting the new charger, all is well. Iggy is cleaning up like a champ. Absolutely thrilled with my purchase now that’s it’s charging!