Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Jan 27 to Wednesday, Jan 28) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4.3 Stars over at Best Buy

Got one few months ago. Worth every penny. 2 large malamutes had me using my dyson stick every night, program this to go once a day and it does the same job for me.

Pros: suprising suction power that even sucks up dog food. Hard and carpet floors get done very well.

Cons: it is a bit too loud to have run at night if your bedrooms are on the same floor and have their doors open. Also, the dirt bin isnt huge and can fill up after 1,300 sq feet gets done (with shedding pets)

Got this last time it was at this price.

The story: I live in one of those pesky overpriced Seattle flats that has cheap carpet that pills and traps dirt and dust like nobody’s business. Of course, as cheaply-made units go, the layout is awkward—not an easy task for a robot vacuum.

…did I mention I live by the freeway?

Since getting this li’l guy my allergies have been significantly suppressed and you can just…“tell” that the floor is cleaner. Never mind that we already have a house cleaner coming once a month and we ourselves vacuum at least once a week, it still managed to pick up a good deal its first week. Now, the vacuuming situation is under control and we never even have to run our upright.

Get this while you can (and at this price). If nothing else, you’ll come home to fresh vacuum track marks and feel like you’ve accomplished something for once in your life.

Time to learn all about Neato

Bought one of these in November for a Christmas Gift… It was Dead on arrival - but I did not realize it until Christmas… Woot refused to return it being that it was outside of 30 days…

If you dig deeper you will see there is a very common power problem with these…

I bought this here on Woot just 3 weeks ago (01/07/2015). Same price. I’ve owned several Roombas over the past 7-8 years, and here’s my comparison…

Neato is the superior robot. It perimeters the room, then executes it’s plan with logic, leaving no space untouched. Roomba, on the other hand, bounces around in seemingly random fashion until the battery wears out.

Roomba has a spinning brush and appears to suck up more stuff. Neato has no brush. When the cleaning cycle is done, Roomba always ends up with more junk in the dust bin. Neato gets a lot of dust stuck in the filter, which you must then suck out using another vacuum device.

Neato navigates uneven surfaces better. Roomba can’t handle the transition from flooring to throw rug, but Neato can.

Neato has a magnetic strip that sets a barrier. Roomba uses an electric forcefield that requires batteries and casts out an invisible beam at an angle that prevents Roomba from cleaning the whole area.

When all is said and done, my floors look and feel cleaner after the Roomba than after the Neato. However, the Neato has all the technological plusses mentioned above. Your call. If the Neato had a swirling brush and better suction, it would be far superior. As is, I call it a wash.

Can this pick up:
tiny lego pieces?
popcorn kernels?

I have a dyson and it struggles with anything bigger than a crumb.

My December purchase never charged right out of the box and the “reconditioned” left 1/2 a dirty Q-tip in the unit. Did not inspire confidence in the process.

Did they even try it before saying it was ready for resale?

Woot issued and RMA and it is on the way back. I wonder if it will go back to Neato and then YOU will get it??

Checking the mothership, if you include the 4 and 5 star ratings with later updates, I found 28% customers had problems and were unhappy. Please carefully read ALL the comments, 1 through 5 stars to see what the current tally is.

Sorry for the problem. You have a Neato warranty. Be sure to contact them for assistance.

I suggest a Square Trade warranty. I am on my third Neato. I have a love/hate relationship with them When they work, they are great, but they don’t seem to last. I bought a square trade warranty with my last Neato and glad I did. 1 month left on my warranty and the Neato died. Square Trade refunded my money with no problem.

Yup, $44 for a 2 year warranty on these refurbs seems well worth it. I just got mine in October and haven’t had any problems yet, but I’m fully expecting to have to use it within the two years based on all the problems people report having. I’m actually surprised square trade is willing to warranty these things for that long.

Roomba has a spinning brush and appears to suck up more stuff. Neato has no brush. When the cleaning cycle is done, Roomba always ends up with more junk in the dust bin.

You’re saying the XV-21 model advertised does NOT have a brush? Product spec says it does. Please confirm.

Combination bristle and blade brush picks up dirt, debris and pet hair
The robotic vacuum works like a traditional upright with the rotating brush positioned in front. Imitates airflow principles found in jet engines for powerful suction.

Got this about 10 month ago here on a previous sale. I think I paid 199.00 so this is a better price. While this really works and picks a lot of dust from the carpet and floors, the route consistency is not there, it tends to go to the right and close to the wall edge must time, it goes over same spot under our dinner table over and over and over even we don’t even use the table that much so it is not going after any dirt, not sure if it is a program issue. I just keep doing the spot cleaning option which covers about a 8’ area. so I do that and move it to different location in the living room so it will clean the whole place. It really loves going under tables and high sofas.

Cannot delete a duplicated comment. Really should have that option WOOT!

I purchased the Neato on an iPad and I tried to purchase the square trade but it said I need to download flash in order to purchase. Obviously that is not possible, is there another way to purchase square trade on this item.

I am on the fence. I just cashed in my nearly 3 year old Neato to Square Trade, in the final days of a 3 year warranty. I believe it was one of the first models, XV-11 maybe. The good: When it worked ok it covered most everything and was real good with the dog hair, even along edges with no spinning brush. The bad: Quality control. In the 1 year warranty I had 4 units from Neato. #1 had constant navigation issues. #2 was fine for about 7 months, then this tiny belt that drives the main brush broke. It’s not replacable, Neato nor anyone else sells such parts and a fair amount of disassembly would be needed. #3 was DOA and it took me a month, and too many emails, chats, and phone calls to count, before they would agree to ship a replacement. #4 had constant navigation issues, for example pull up to a wall, bump it 10 times, and say clear my path, even though it could turn right, left, or reverse and have a clear path. And it would not take a software update, using the same computer and cable that I had used to update #1 just fine, and the computer saw the robot so the cable was good. Neato refused to replace it, they had me run a 'small room test’where you set it loose in a very small room (10x10 suggested) and if if docs, they declare it fine. Nevermind that they advertise it navigates room to room etc, if it docks in a 10x10 it meets their specs. Finally this unit started becoming unresponsive, only fix was to pull 2 screws, disconnect battery, and reconnect next day. This would happen any time it got stuck (clean my path etc) and not attended to within 15 minutes, or just at random. I have heard that the newer ones are better (the newer Roombas are way way better than the old, but you can upgrade any 500 series or newer, with new parts, the parts that matter, for about $90). While this price is great, I am just wary of the refurbs, since my experience tells me they do not put much into them, and the discussions just reinforce that. I think I just talked myself into not doing this.

Bought this same offer a few months ago as an X-mas gift, along with a Square Trade warranty due to the mixed reviews & the fact it wouldn’t be opened 'til near the end of the manufacturer warranty. Right out of the box, the robot wouldn’t charge properly. Still having a couple days on the manufacturer warranty, I called Neato and they promptly sent a replacement to the tune of $25 exchange shipping.

We’ve only used it a couple times thus far, and have been relatively pleased. While it struggles to get around on our shag rug, it picked up a fair amount. I was somewhat disappointed however, by its performance with dust on bare hardwood floor- it picks up pet hair & dust bunnies great, but you’ll see little tire tracks through the left behind dust under seldom-moved dressers. Also, it seems unwilling to go under the bed on its own accord. It’ll clean AROUND the bed, just not UNDER it. Perhaps there are monsters under there we’re unaware of, but it only cleans under the bed if we reassuringly set it under there directly and program it to spot clean. I removed the bedskirt, and clearance isn’t an issue, so I don’t know what gives.

For the price, I’d say it’s worth a shot so long as you get the extended warranty. I’m not blown away, but I also don’t feel ripped off.

You’ll need to use the SquareTrade widget from our page but it can be purchased later. Just purchase it when you get near a device that supports Flash.