New Balance Men's Rappel Hikers, USA

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New Balance Men’s Rappel Hikers, USA
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Here are a couple of good reviews

“Wide”? How wide is “Wide”?

Wide can be anything above a ‘D’ width. New Balance makes widths up to 6E, which I need in a size 7.

Yeah, it’s hard finding shoes that fit. :wink:

I think these came only in D or 2E, so the wides would be 2E. I haven’t been able to figure out which last they’re built on, though, and I’ve found that makes a difference for me on NB running shoes.

Kinda hard to buy shoes without trying them out. Are they regular fit/smaller/larger? Anyone?

What’s the return policy on shoes? 15% restocking + shipping back?


Today’s offer is covered by a 90 Day Limited Warranty

In regards to returns, these FAQ questions might be able to help you out:

Woot’s Return Policy

Returning Damaged/Defective Items

In regards to sizing issues with shoes: We do not take returns for sizing issues. However, some shoe manufacturers will work directly with customers to resolve any issues encountered.

Joe’s said they run true to size. I was considering the 9s to wear with campsocks but I went with my regular 8.5. Hope it works out.

Thanks! I missed that part.

I ordered two pair of the “Toe Shoes” in two sizes, thinking I would return the ones that didn’t fit. I was wrong in assuming that was OK, though, as I was informed that Woot reserves the right to refuse returns based on size/fit, and I was referred to the FAQ that clearly states this in an unambiguous manner.

Having struck out now with those weird shoes and some Oleg Cassini shirts, I have to be very careful when I order anything sized for the head, hand or foot from Woot. I hope I can find some in a local store to try on because these look very comfortable and my 26 year-old Columbias are getting ratty-looking.

Does woot have anything good anymore they have some really good stuff man it is disappointing.

New balance used to be fairly spendy and good quality shoes. I’d consider them to be “good” stuff. The only issue is that with shoes it can be hard to get stuff that is consistent to your foot over different manufacturers. A size 12 wide in a NB shoe isnt necessarily the same as a size 12w in a nike or in some off beat brand at Kmart. Making shoe shopping online rather risky, especially with a no return policy for size issues. But then again, thats woot, not NB.

These appear to be made in the USA too. I believe that New Balance is the only company still making shoes in the US, but tend to only do so for their better shoe lines.

Were these boots made for walking?

Good write up on Amazon…

I wear a size 10, and I’ve been looking for non-waterproof breathable boots. These fit perfectly from day one, and they are as comfortable as tennis shoes, with great traction and ankle support. These also breathe very well and fit my need for rucking/hiking in all terrain. I mainly bought these for warmer weather activities that include hiking through shallow streams, trails, etc. I didn’t want waterproof because I don’t want the water staying in the boots, and that’s where these come in handy, with plenty of drainage. They are a coyote type color, and are a bit lighter than they appear online, but they still look great to me. I would heartily recommend these to anyone looking for a nice pair of comfortable boots with the ankle support you need for any activity.

Another one…from a police website…

New Balance Rappel Brown 6 Inch Hiking Boot

New Balance 701MCO Rappel 6 Inch Hiking Boots are designed to be lightweight and durable for the 21st century. These rugged boots are built using all of the latest technologies and lightweight components, New Balance takes these trekking boots to a whole new level of functionality.

This Rappel Mid Coyote hiking boot is designed to give your foot extra support while keeping it comfortable, as well as dry on your next adventure. The Rappel Mid height hiking boot features a full length Rockstop board imbedded into the molded EVBA midsole to prevent bruising on rocky terrain. For comfort and support the full length composite molded shank provides stability, while the full length breathable Ortholite footbed keeps your foot relaxed and comfortable.

The outsole on this New Balance boot features the new FRG, Fast Rope Guard system that was created to help extend the wear of the boot after repeated fast ropings. The FRG helps to slow the rate of decent and give the user more control while fast roping. Enjoy the New Balance quality you expect, as it helps protect the combat boot from becoming worn out in the field.

Stay comfortable with Ortholite footbeds, providing highly resilient support and cushioning for much longer than conventional footbeds while fighting odor with an environmentally friendly biocide treatment. Ortholite’s open cell foam is lightweight and breathable, allowing air to pass through the shoe and excess heat and moisture to escape for cool comfort. New Balance uses the highest density Ortholite, hich offers optimum levels of breathability, moisture transport, and anti-microbial function to create a cooler, drier, and healthier environment inside this New Balance boot. In addition, the very low compression set of this formulation guarantees that the comfort and integrity of the OrthoLite material will remain consistent throughout the life of the product.

New Balance OTB Rappel Mid Hikers Features:

Assembled in the U.S.A.
GSA Compliant
Supportive, highly breathable, mid cut light hiker with features for today’s Special Operation Forces
Combat Boots built with sticky non-squeak rubber for stealth-like traction on a variety of surfaces
Full length Rockstop board imbedded into the molded EVA midsole prevents bruising on rocky terrain
Tactical boots use a composite shank providing support for carrying heavy loads.
Durable Rough-out suede upper
One piece smooth vamp with toe scuff guard for increased abrasion resistance One piece metal lace loops will not snag parachute lines
Variable sausage laces will not come un-tied in the field
Army Boots Feature Inside FRG Fast Rope Guard to help extend the wear of the boot after repeated fast ropings. The outsole design works in conjunction with the FRG to help slow and control the rate of decent when fast roping
Full length breathable Ortholite footbed is removable for cleaning

Are you part duck?

Anyone remember two-for Tuesdays? Well… Technically of course we are getting 2 here :).

That one sure looks more like just a New Balance description to me, rather than an independent write up or review.

I too have a wide foot.
Some sales guy once asked me “how wide do you want it?”
My answer was “so wide I have to go down a size”!