NFL & NCAA Goodie Bags

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NFL & NCAA Goodie Bags
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Sep 19 to Tuesday, Sep 20) + transit
Condition: New


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Buyer beware on these… I’ve ordered twice (mlb and nfl), both times I received less items than said to be included. Check the previous mystery bags threads for similar stories of missing items.

NO colleges from California–UCLA, USC, Stanford or Cal? Oregon State but no Oregon. QUESTIONABLE selection of colleges.

That’s no good! I’m sorry that happened to you.

If that happens to anyone else for this sale- please use the Customer Service form to report the issue. Our CS team will work with you to make it right.

Comments from a previous offer

I guess I just need to be able to count to 6… “You will receive at least 6 items that may include:”

Trying to order 1, but I get an error message saying ‘can’t deliver to a PO’. I’m not seeing a PO on my address that I have used a ton with woot.

Anybody else getting that?

Yeah each of mine had 5. First time I didn’t notice it was meant to have more, and the second time I looked over the potential items I could receive if I contacted CS, and it didn’t seem worthwhile to make a big deal about it. I think most of the items ended up going to Goodwill. It’s basically just stuff you could buy at Five Below or in the clearance section at random sport stores in the mall. It may be a good mystery bag for some, but it just didn’t seem worth another purchase on my end.

It’s supposed to be NFL or NCAA related goodies. I wonder why they have the San Fran Giants earbuds in the representative photo. If I order Seahawk items am I going to maybe get Mariner crap? Inquiring mind wants to know.

I’m going to assume there are no Golden Gopher goodies because gopher fans buy stuff so there aren’t warehouses full of stuff to sell off cheap like Wisconsin.

I tried to buy two different teams as a gift, but it won’t allow me to by more than one team. Please help

I keep falling for this deal, and getting really, really crappy stuff. Yet, I just tried again. Maybe the 3rd time is a charm?

: ). I bought a Mn Gopher hooded sweat shirt a couple of weeks ago. Sleek outer shell and nice fuzzy warm inside. Very pleased! Try sports apparel. May be some still.

Well it does say “Limit 1 per customer”

These always seem to include these 6 items and nothing more.

•Plastic Rubber Keychain
•Bumper Sticker
•Ticket Holder
•Plastic Hitch Cover (2" receiver, but falls out)
•Colored Beads
•Pet Tennis ball (not safe for dogs) or a colored drinking straw.

Real amount in $ spent $21.38 (Incl. tax)
Estimated Retail value in $: $3.00
Perceived value in $: :frowning: (-$5.00) to the environment or T&M to dispose/donate.
Estimated Medical Expenses from hitting your head on keyboard after receiving in $ - Priceless

Ummmmm pretty sure the earbuds in the picture are sporting a San Francisco Giants logo… Not quite NFL or NCAA. I’m guessing the earbuds aren’t actually available?

Total garbage. Overpaid crybaby garbage support pack.

Maybe it’s a substitution since they figure nobody would actually want 49ers stuff.

“A snail boats a snail boat, but a mystery box could be anything… It could even be a snail boat, you know much we wanted one of those… We’ll take the mystery box”