Nikon 16.2MP DSLR Camera w/ 18-55mm Lens

Here is an In depth review from DP Review

Great reviews at amazon

I have this camera. I just got it a few months ago. It replaced the D60 I had.

Good camera and has been used to take some great pictures around town. I got it to shoot video, and that can be a problem. If you are just a casual shooter, then okay. Pics and the kids running around would be cool.

If you want to shoot stuff like short films and stuff, well this camera doesn’t have true manual control over the video settings. That is a little upsetting and can be a bit of a hassle to get around.

Here is a link to some video I shot at the SanAn Zoo at 24p with a 35mm Lens (which is an amazing lens for $200). Good stuff, but not having manual control over video may stop some people from getting it.

TONS of great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

This is an excellent entry-level DSLR. Highly recommended.

Ken Rockwell likes it:

Great camera. I got one on Amazon for ~$600 back in February. For this price, even a refurb, well worth the money if you’re, like me, a camera enthusiast but not quite ready to make a big investment into a professional-grade DSLR (upwards of thousands).

The kit lens is great in my opinion.

Read the Amazon negative reviews carefully. The camera has a systemic problem which Nikon has never acknowledged. Do not buy this without an extended warranty.

Got this same kit back in January. It’s my first DSLR, so I can’t compare it to others from experience, but I chose carefully, knowing about the limitations on video, and I’m really happy with it. Paid $500 for a refurb, so this looks like a pretty sweet deal. The side-hinged swivel screen is a huge plus.

Just remember, it will NOT focus older lenses, only AF-S lenses, the one that comes with it is AF-S.

You can still manual focus older lenses though

Bought one of these as my first DSLR back in September as a birthday present to myself. I haven’t had any issues at all, and once I upgraded to a Tamron 17-50, I was set. The kit lens is a solid starters lens though.

Pictures with the kit lens:
Pier at Sunset


On Stage

Works great in low light, and once adding the cheapest external flash, made taking photos at shows come out way better.

Almost all the pictures below were taken with this camera and mostly the Tamron (and of punk rock bands). Anything before November was the 18-55 lens included with the sale:
Anthony’s Cleverly Titled Photos

NOTE: I’m a very casual photographer, so my opinions and ratings come from a guy that shoots maybe once a week.

Double Note: I have only used this for video a handful of times, and while the result is quality, it’s not the best I’ve seen.

For what it’s worth, I too say, great camera.
I bought mine in September of 2011, (the kit w/ the 18-55 & 55-300 lenses), I’ve not been gentle with it, and it’s still performing great.
My only notes is off brand SD cards act wonky, but if you use the recommended variety per the manuals, no issues.
I do not shoot video, so I can not attest to that.
My grandma’s classic lenses fit right up, but yes, no focus motor so it’s 100% manual, which is fun to keep me on my toes for skills.

But I agree, pick up an extended warranty, it’s just safe for our gadgets, new or refurb.

Beat me to it. I like Ken’s perspective since he’s not chained to suppliers and buys his own equipment.

Steve’s Digicams also gives good technical reviews tho I could only find the Preview for the 5100.

The included kit lens is lightweight and great for anyone.

I’ve been following pricing on this model as well as the D90 and D7000 since I can’t afford the newest bleeding edge equipment and this price WITH the kit lens is great. Even low prices for used items on eBay w/o lens is in this same price range!!

This included lens won’t disappoint. Just be sure to get a UV or other filter and screw it on to protect the glass and keep dust out. Also be gentle if removing the lens and put on the end cap to protect the plastic mount which is common to many of the newer cost effective Nikon lenses.

Hint: Always use the camera to format your memory cards. It should format in FAT-32 and you should be OK.

How about a bit more info on that lens “upgrade”. How fast is the glass - ie what is the usable f-stop range at the wide and tele ranges? And is it cost effective for Wooters? Thanks for any info.

btw… you got some nice shots. I liked the colors in the Pelican shot, especially the rusty corroded fence post. Also the b&w mode pics.

OT: Also am wondering where the SlideBar is located in FLT? Haven’t been out doing clubs in a long time. Didn’t know the Whiskey was still in business. Use to go to Madam Wong’s in LA and the infamous Cuckoo’s Nest in CMS in the day.

I have had this camera since June 2012. I love it. I have had no problems and it does all I ask of it perfectly. In Dec I bought a D600. I found that I was using my D600 FX lenses on the 5100 because of the 1.5x crop factor combo worked awesome with nature and landscape photography. I am glad I bought the D5100. I have some photos in public folders on my Facebook page All but the Wine photos and Haystack Rock Photos were with the D5100.

No problem.

Here is the product page:
Tamron 17-50 mm

The lens is F 2.8 constant, so you can keep it wide open throughout the full range of the zoom. The 72 mm wide lens provides great light response, especially in low light (I shoot a lot of concerts in dark and dingy bars, so this was one of the things that drew me to it).

The focus ring is smooth, but with a little bit of resistance, making manual focusing easy, but accurate. Minimum focus distance is under a foot, making it great for macro shots, and the bokeh is nice and smooth.

Aries the Handsome Dog

The vibration control works great for photos, but is a little noisy for videos, so it’s a toss up there.

It’s a third party lens, so I think I paid $500 for it from a local shop. The Nikon equivalent is in the $800 dollar range. I know it’s a hefty sum compared to the body, but it makes a mid level body feel and act like a much more expensive one.

More Sample Photos:

Lifeguard Tower

Central Park

The Donot’s first American Tour

A Wilhelm Scream to a packed house

Once again, I just do this for fun (I usually wind up taking photos of the other bands after we’re done playing), so my assessments could be way off point. All I know is I love using this camera and the lens. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the compliments. Just love doing it.

Slidebar is in Downtown Fullerton on Commonwealth. It’s owned by the Guitarist from the band Lit. They claim to be a “rock and roll” bar, but like all bars, they’ve given into the DJ/Dance scene at their outside bar. That being said, they throw some of the best rock shows in Southern California back in their live music room. Shows are always free, and they pull in most medium sized touring bands. They are single handedly hurting House of Blues in Anaheim, cause everyone would rather play Slidebar. They also have great food too. If you can get past the college kids and hipsters, it’s a fun place.

Whiskey is still in business, but it looks like they haven’t invested any money there in a long long time. Sadly, they don’t attract too many big bands any more, just local bands they sucker into selling tickets to play.

EDIT: The Whisky photos were half Tamron, half 35mm prime. I actually had space to use the 35mm, so I took advantage of it.

Thanks for the info and link to the f/2.8 Tamron lens in the post above this post. Yes, fast glass is expensive. Ken Rockwell suggests bargain kits and use rest of $ budgeted for cameras to buy fast glass.

Also thanks for the info relating to the local club scene in OC. I’ll past also that info to interested parties.

The D5100 is an excellent camera. It will produce outstanding images, has enough automatic features for a beginner, and enough advanced features for a serious hobbyist. I would be a little concerned about the “refurbished” part. My Nikon was serviced at one of two official Nikon Service Centers in the US (Melville, NY) and they did not do a very good job.