Nikon D600 24.3MP DSLR w/24-85mm VR Lens

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Nikon D600 24.3MP DSLR w/24-85mm VR Lens
Price: $1599.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jan 02 to Friday, Jan 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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What factory did the reconditioning?

Nikon or a 3rd party that they designated.

If you can afford this camera, you might be a professional photographer.

A handful of perfect reviews over at


Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at


Happy New Year!

BTW, the maximun aperture of the lens is f/3.5 - 4.5, not bad, but it means it will spend most of its life at 4.5 when you need to open it up all the way for those gym shots! Be sure to kit up the ISO as high as it will go! :wink:

If you have talent and good business sense, you could make a living with this camera.

Let’s watch an entertaining video comparing the D600 to the D7100 [youtube=8oeLnzR7RKA][/youtube]

According to this camera repair tech, it means Nikon, and only Nikon, did the reconditioning and it’s probably an item returned from a dealer (customer returned, demo unit, etc.). The D600 is recently discontinued, so that makes sense.

Some samples, unedited other than cropping.

First 2 are from a recent trip to Costa Rica, second 2 are feeble fledgling attempts at macro shots on my pool deck (an orb weaver and a hibiscus)

Disclaimer - I have an awesome flash - the SB-910 (worth every penny - the night shot was with a 300mm lens)

It’s an awesome camera - anyone that’s been looking to make the leap to FX should jump on this.

NewEgg routinely has this for 1/2 off if you keep an eye on it… Decent bundle.

Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing Puffer!

On the software, don’t forget student discounts if you have a child in school (K-12 or college).

Decent price for a refurb.

Body only has been down to ~$1300, and pops up every few weeks.

The 24-85 isn’t anything to write home about, so you may be better off looking for one of the refurb’d bodies and putting the saved $300 towards some glass

D600 has a history of oil stains and dust in the sensor problem. Please read the reviews in Amazon for details. Instead of dealing with this issue, Nikon introduced D610 to ignore the huge problem with this model.

Why go thru the trouble of using this when it could be done automatically in the cloud. I don’t even need to take pictures anymore, just find one that I want in the cloud.

Oil DROPS and dust ON the sensor FILTER.
(piece of glass in front of the sensor, not the sensor itself)

In my opinion it was a part in the shutter wearing paint off or similar, and maybe oil spatter. Either way you’d want to clean the sensor after some use anyway, and it generally stops being an issue after 3k shots.

Yes, it is something to consider. Just wanted to clear that up a bit.

When I contacted Nikon about it they stated they throughly look at every camera that’s refurbished. Doubt that eliminates the issue, and I doubt they fix it before sending it on it’s way.

However, there is a service bulletin…thingy:

I was possibly told by nikon (If I were I probably couldn’t state it because of privacy limitations) that there is a free cleaning service for those affected, while the bulletin is in effect.

In other words, I’d still just learn to properly clean the sensor yourself


This camera is a gaffe… a blunder, if you wish… DO NOT BUY!!!

Nikon released the D610 so they did not have to retrofit their production line and are obligated to sell the overproduced defective units.


I have been a Nikon user for over forty years, and it hurts deeply to say that the Company is not fulfilling its long-lasting commitment to excellence. They have been shameless in their attempts to cover up an obvious flaw in engineering and subsequent production.

Seriously avoid this purchase…
by the way… the lens is crap… right up woot’s willy waggy…

I’d probably recommend buying Lightroom 5 for anyone shooting raw, especially with an FF sized sensor.

Anyway here are some of my D610 photos

The camera is fine and even the D610 (I have one) will get a dirty sensor over time. Manufacturer refurbished cameras carry a 90-day warranty, I believe. If you feel that oil spots are an issue, you can have it cleaned by Nikon in NY or LA for free just by sending it back. Or you can learn how to wet clean it with sensor swabs…or you could have a local camera shop clean it for you.

Also the 24-85mm VR is not a crap lens. It’s not a gold ring constant aperture pro lens, but it is quite sharp and pretty decent for shooting in good light.

The problem with that is that the situation with the shutter in this camera is that it throws oil on the sensor (or sensor filter, if you think that makes a difference) which is quite harder to clean than simple dust. Without the proper cleaning fluid all you’re going to do is smear the oil around. It appears that Nikon is replacing the shutter mechanisms in D600s with D610 mechanisms when needed, the question is whether these refurb units have the new mechanism. Since Nikon never even publicly acknowledged the problem, and instead just snuck in a new model, that is hard to tell. Nikon might clean it for free, but look how much it is going to cost you to ship it to them insured to have it done. The D600 is yet another product that Nikon rushed to market (Canon is also guilty of this as well) and best stayed away from.