Nikon D600 24.3MP DSLR w/24-85mm VR Lens

**Item: **Nikon D600 24.3MP DSLR w/24-85mm VR Lens
Price: $1,699.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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here’s a link to the amazon page.

Make sure you research the oil and dust issue on D600’s before buying this camera.

That said, I LOVE my Nikon DSLR D5200 (DX sensor). The D610 was out of reach for me.

A handful of perfect reviews over at


Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at


Let’s see how this camera matches up to the D7100 [youtube=8oeLnzR7RKA][/youtube]

Oh sheee-it… my dream camera for 2 years now, finally at a lower price… but still too much for me, as I fix up a house I just purchased! sad face Photography will still have to wait.

I dunno, I saw it a few days ago from Adorama via ebay for $1600 shipped. Refurbished too.

Note there is a Nikon D610 now. A couple of months ago the D600 refurb sold for $1600 here.

It may be 1600 elsewhere but I doubt it comes with the lens. If so, go for it…

I own this camera and it has made me enough money to buy two more of them. It takes amazing pictures… The dynamic range and noise performance is as good as the best cameras available. Only issues I have are 1/4000 shutter speed, focus area is pretty small, live view is very slow and the refresh rate zoomed on makes it unusable. What you see in live view is not the correct exposure… Unlike canon which is very accurate to what you get and the live view is very nice. Since switching to this d600 I hardly use live view at all anymore.

Otherwise this camera is amazing, and I have been using it nonstop. Its been my workhorse and has paid my bills. If you need a full frame camera, go ahead and get this. You won’t regret it. I worry less about settings and more about shooting with this baby. :wink:

I would very much love to own this, I don’t think I’ve seen a better deal. But sadly, it isn’t in the budget. Maybe next year…

the Kit came w/ the same lens and refurbished as well. ended 4 days ago.

The body only was listed recently at $1325 refurbished.

If you scour the deal site, you’ll see this deal pop up again and probably lower than $1600 in the near future especially since the D610 is out. Personally I’m looking at the D5300 or waiting for a slightly better FX from Nikon.

The body is currently available for $1325:

How the mighty have fallen. A year ago this model was the darling of all the reviewers and pundits, and could only be had for full list price. I own this exact camera and lens. Mine had to be sent back to Nikon in Melville NY for a shutter replacement once; others have had two or three shutter replacements. These refurbs will be the cameras that Nikon had to buy back from customers after multiple attempts at repairs. The problem is real, not imaginary. That’s why they rushed the D610 out so quickly, and the D610 is virtually identical to the D600 other than a new shutter mechanism. Nikon would not discontinue a hugely successful model and replace it for an imaginary problem.
Anyway, in my case the camera is better after one shutter replacement but it still accumulates dirt and oil spots on the sensor over time. It’s a shame because aside from that problem, the D600 is in every way a fantastic high end DSLR. It produces astoundingly good images and it has enough features for anyone. I use mine all the time. But the sensor has to be cleaned every month or so. It appears that the shutter generates oil and dirt particles when it operates. Sometimes that gets better, sometimes not. In typical Japanese fashion, Nikon has refused to provide any explanation of what went wrong, even though they obviously know.
As for the lens, it’s OK but nothing special. Typical consumer grade midrange zoom that they put on such cameras. A pro wouldn’t use the lens. It’s plenty sharp but has lots of distortion and horrid ugly bokeh. It’s the very last lens I would put on the camera out of the 10 lenses I have for it.
My advice if you decide to buy - use the camera A LOT as soon as you get it, and if it has the sensor spot problem, send it back right away and ask for a refund. Do you feel lucky? Maybe you are, and you’ll get one of the good ones.

BTW - a year ago I paid $2000 for this camera/lens combination brand new with a one year warranty. This was before the sensor spot debacle. $1700 for a used repaired camera with a 3 month warranty and a known defective design seems like not a great deal to me.

I’ve had mine for a year, bought as part of a 2 lens kit. Use it weeky. Zero issues for me. Time lapse is awsome, video looks great too.

Woot - how 'bout a deal on an awesome flash unit? Just found out last night my SB-28 is dead (no longer talking to the camera) :frowning:

Decent price but could be better without the slow lens that comes with it. Or dump the lens on the bay for as much as you can get for it.

Try rubbing a pencil eraser on the contacts on both the flash and on the camera body.


This guy has a lot of videos, most of them pretty entertaining as well as informing. There are a few bits that may be mildly NSFW in a middle school kind of way.