Nikon D600 24.3MP DSLR w/24-85mm VR Lens

**Item: **Nikon D600 24.3MP DSLR w/24-85mm VR Lens
Price: $1,699.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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10/26/2013 - $1,699.99 - 34 comment(s)

According to DP Review the dimensions shown on Woot are WAY off. The body weighs 30oz. with battery but no lens. The body dimensions are 141x113x82mm or 5.55x4.45x3.23 inches.

It looks like we rounded the measurements: 5.6"(W) x 4.4"(H) x 3.2"(D)

Ken Rockwell discusses this camera

I like the kenrockwell site… I found this opinion of his website is worth noting as well:

Let’s watch an entertaining video comparing the D600 to the D7100 [youtube=8oeLnzR7RKA][/youtube]

Compared to $1,913.00 for Refurbished body and lens on another site, this is a good deal.

And here is a hands-on field test [youtube=IosQ4xCJBB0][/youtube]

heres a link its cheaper on ebay

[MOD: That is a used/demo model with no apparent warranty. ]

I’m not getting into a discussion of the pros or cons of Ken Rockwell. I tend to get my information from a variety of sources, including DPReview, PDN Online, etc.

This camera comes with a huge buyer beware. Nikon just released the follow-up to this camera, the D610, with a new shutter release mechanism. The D600 was plagued with complaints about dust and spots on the sensor that required intrusive cleaning to remove (Google D600 dust if you want to read about it in detail). Nikon did eventually acknowledge the issue, although they really did nothing to assuage the feelings of people who bought this.

That said, some people report absolutely no problems with this body. You’ll also have a tough time finding a full frame body in this price range. The included lens is your basic kit lens, and it’s just OK. You can throw some serious lenses on this body, including some of the older Nikon/Nikkor autofocus models from the film camera days. Those lenses don’t have the newer servo-wave motors that most modern Nikon autofocus lenses do (which is the difference between newer AF-S lenses and their older AF counterparts).

Parting shot - Nikon typically only offers a 90-day warranty on refurbs.

Hey woot!

What happened to the faux Go Pro I wanted to buy? I just got back and I have stolen enough hub caps and resold them so I could buy it. Where did it go?

They all done got bought up! Sorry. :frowning:

who the hell has 1600.00 sitting around for a damn camera?

But I had to steal 18 hub caps and ransom the owners at $2.00 each so I could come home and order one.

Are you sure there isn’t one floating around somewhere?

I bet that new guy you hired probably horded one for himself and if you check his locker it will be there and still in the box. Just tell him I ordered it before he could take it off the shelf, okay?


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Here’s a comparison of the D610 vs D800 vs the new retro styled DF:

Note this woot sale is for the D600, not the D610, but this could be interesting.

Plenty, I’d imagine.

i own this camera and can assure you its a great one. the oil and dust is an issue but if you just get some cleaning pads, its very very easy to clean the sensor yourself. i’ve done it twice and dont see a problem doing it again and again until the oil runs out. (there can only be a finite amount right?!?

If I spent $1600 for a camera that I had to continually take apart and clean I would feel taken advantage of. How many good shots were ruined by the dust and oil issue?

What I really love about this camera is that it makes people with DX cameras that buy this dump there DX lenses cheap on eBay. Keep it up Nikon, sell more FX cameras.