Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe

I bought one of these the last time they came up for sale on Woot for work. I really like it and am very tempted to buy one for home also. My favorite features are using a paper filter, not a plastic pod and the the multiple sizes you can make. If you want a really good cup of coffee, try the Cafe Bustelo espresso grounds. That makes a really rich cup of dark roast coffee.

I also purchased this model at Christmas time. I am really pleased with the coffee it brews. The carafe doesn’t keep the coffee as hot as my old cuisinart, but it is fine for the price.

I bought one of these last time it came up.

Downside: Arrived defective. Required pushing brew 8-10 times to get a small cup of coffee out of it.

Upside: Ninja support was pretty good with it and after trying a couple things they just shipped me a replacement. Replacement has worked fine and brews a pretty good cuppa.

Meh: The ‘delayed brew’ scheduling feature of it is kind of simplistic for such an expensive coffee maker. Also, the sizing of a brew is not great. Brewing a ‘travel cup’ sized brew into a ‘travel cup’ sized cup basically fills it to the brim. Same with brewing a small mug.

I end up brewing into the pot and pouring it into my cup on my way out in the morning.

Does it have a hot plate to keep coffee hot

No but it does have a thermal carafe.

No it does not