Ninja Master Prep Professional 450-Watt Food Processor

Amazon reviews

I cut my finger taking it out of the container the first time to wash it. Those blades are SHARP!!

Very quiet running.

Sweet! I needed a way to blend up my Ninjas!

I literally just bought one of these at Bed Bath and Beyond a few hours ago for $48 after 20% off coupon. Raging pretty hard now.

Preliminary tests are positive. This is a killer price.

Previous Woot

It also includes a hand mixer, but the reviews should also include this product.

I bought the Ninja Master Prep from Woot! previously and it makes great hummus and smoothies. I’d say this is worth it. Since you all value my opinion so much.

Does anyone remeber how much this was NEW during the woot off?

Is it as good as the infomercial makes it out to be?

Does it come with a set of Shurikens?

What are the differences between this item and the Cuisinart over on Sellout? And which, if either, would be recommended for a lazy single guy who is dabbling in maybe cooking some and would like food processing to take care of a lot of the tedious chopping and similar for veggies and meat?

I got this during last wootoff. This is good. I used it once. It got the job don’t. So, I can’t I can’t complain.

All thee take up a lot of space though. Beware if have a small kitchen.

refurbished…food processor?? -_-

I bought one of these, but I can’t find it anywhere.

This product works awesome for making smoothies and snow cones.

It was also $20, but I believe it was the less powerful motor and did not have as many blades.

mmmm, it makes ice cream!
Strawberry ice cream

I got one of these off woot last month.

They are amazing.

The wife tossed out the blender, food pro, and some other contraption to use this instead.

The biggest reason I got it was for ice.

This thing will take a full tray of ice and turn it into snow like NOTHING.

Margaritas, smoothies, etc.

10/10 from me.

I’m old and can no longer chop things with a knife …will I like this?

Sounds like you need to put it back in the box and return it. After you buy this one of course.