Euro-Pro Ninja Warrior Handheld Blender & Food Processor

Will It Bl****end???

well duh… that’s what it does.

Le official product site:

An Immersion blender AKA handheld blender is simply a kitchen tool godsend.

I have to ask my girlfriend first but I think we’re in for one!

Over at Wal-mart it’s selling for $69.00 (teehee)

I have a corded immersion blender (not this one) I use on the stovetop. I have finally learned how to maneuver the cord to keep it out of hotspots, etc. One more “incident” though and I will be forced to buy a battery operated one.

What’s happened? A long time ago, I do recall a community that would share opinions and information about the various woot offerings of the day… It was as if the wooters were looking out for one another yet here it is, almost an half hour later, and this is message ? < 25?

I got mine for $70 awhile back. I love it.

By harnessing its powers I can now successfully transform store-bought chunky salsa into salsa that is NOT chunky. You need this!

I’m in for one! I have the larger set and LOVE it!

I bought the ninja blender when it was on woot the last time and I have to say is an amazing kitchen utensil and worth every penny. At this price it’s a scream and you will never go back to normal blending.

Oooh…thanks for the salsa tip, would have never thought about it but now I’m in for one and salivating.

I’m in for one. I just sold my half-broken immersion blender in a garage sale a few weeks ago.

Also, here’s a [YouTube video](- YouTube /) of it in action, it gives a good idea of the size of the pieces, too.

Edit: Just realized this video was posted in the write-up. Doh!

I’ve got the 1100 blender by ninja, and if this is half the quality and half the sheer awesomeness off the 1100, then this is an amazing deal.

But who reads those things, right?


I must be missing something. Quite a few reviewers on Amazon point out that this thing fails after a handful of uses, and decry its cheap parts/poor manufacture.

Nice to have an immersion blender…but is this the one? I don’t think so. There is a loud chorus of ‘boos’ here. The fact that there are some enthusiasts just doesn’t tip the balance, as anyone who has been disappointed by buying a kitchen device that just doesn’t last can attest.

Since when did ninja warriors come from Europe?

I got a ninja blender a few weeks ago for about $50, but it was three different bowls/pitchers, no immersion blender. I have to say that the multi level blades in the pitcher work really well. They blended up a very smooth smoothie faster and better than my father in law’s vitamix. The design also keeps the contents bouncing between the blades. You don’t get those annoying air bubbles that you get in a traditional blender, or the stuff on bottom getting blended while the top is untouched.

It also got top marks from consumer reports.

Why don’t you just buy the non-chunky salsa?

No no no… you wear the pants my dear friend. Buy one!