Northwest Fork Vegan Meals, Your Choice

Northwest Fork Vegan Meals, Your Choice

Are they made with real vegans?


Yes, our vegans are mix of cage-free and sustainably farmed, wild-caught varieties. The pasture-raised vegans are organic, but due to processing we can not label the product as such. But do note, our product is nut-free… no crazy here.

Bon Appetit!


I was about to say , $20 for one meal? Then I see it was for 50oz. So, if you have someone in your family that would starve before they ate squirrel or rabbet, this might just save their life.

FWIW, I have various brands of freeze-dried foods from various makers and a couple cases of MRE’s and MRE Training meals in my food stash. Mountain house, back packers pantry, Wise, and a few others. Meat, veggies, pastas, cereals, etc. Though I’ve never had this brand, it’s always a gamble getting a brand you never have tasted before. So, if you can find this in a local outfitter store, or get a sample first, you could be saving yourself some bucks and keep your taste buds happy.

And one thing I might have missed but didn’t see is the shelf life. Looks like only 10 years? Trust me, if you are stocking your emergency food stock, 10 years will come and go fast. I have FDFoods that I got in 2015 so we are 6 years into it’s 25+ year shelf life. 10 years isn’t that long if you buy a crap load of it. You will find yourself donating it on year 8 to a local Boy Scout troop unless you eat it yourself.

What are the manufactured dates on these?

I’m a vegan and I’m a nut, so I know you won’t be putting me in that food! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Our team of vegan hunters is on call 24/7 to bring you the freshest vegans available west of the San Andreas Fault.

I see we couldn’t be bothered to answer the date question. Red flag!

I asked but didn’t hear back. Sorry.