NutriChef Portable Digital Ice Maker Machine

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NutriChef Portable Digital Ice Maker Machine
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Digital ice keeps beverages much colder than analog ice ever could.

Ife is super wet and not suitable for longterm storage. We took itours back immediately

I’ve been up for less than 45,minutes and was pleased with myself as I decided to post a similar comment but you beat me to the punch. Fair play to you!

If you want to store it long-term, you need to move it to the freezer immediately. This makes the “sonic ice” which is what most people consider to be the best ice you can put in a drink. It’s also called “pellet ice” or “nugget ice.”

Yes but … How do they get those slippery little ones and zeroes to FREEZE !!!

Can you download it to a flash drive and carry it with you?

Does anyone besides one poster have any actual reviews of this item?

Jokes are nice, but not very helpful.

It’s all those speedy little pixels bouncing around… :slight_smile:

You must be new here…

When you can get something very similar from Walmart for $99, why this?