Odd Shirt Out!

I predict a “few” people wont be thrilled about a couple of these offers.

Cool, cool… But I have no need for an apron, lol.

But I’d loooove, someday, to have Odd Bear Out on a hoodie! :slight_smile:

Thank you for offering the zombie apron. I’ve been wanting a reason to buy a woot apron.

Sooooo many choices! How to choose?

I won’t spoil anything, but there is a shirt in this side sale that was downright PROPHETIC in its accuracy. I mean, you’d think it was just designed in the last two weeks.

EDIT: Just now moused over the description. Clever girl.

Does anyone know if the prints are silk screened or heat pressed (iron-on)? Thanks!

I’m not sure if the quotation mark indicate that you’re being snarky or if I’m misinterpreting, but as one of the people who was disappointed in woot when they reprinted other shirts by sekiyoku and cheeseandwich (both of whom were caught copying from others)… I’m so tired. Everything that’s happened around here over the past few months - not just with the shirts, but what was done to me personally - I can’t even begin to describe how tired. Of course woot is reprinting sekiyoku. They’ve already scraped the bottom of the barrel; they’re just going back for more. Sure, the prints are crooked and the design sizes are all mixed up and the lightweight hoodies are being burned all the way through… doesn’t matter: penguins and bunnies will sell. So I’ll just quote myself from a few months ago, slightly edited:

So this side sale is called “Odd SHIRT Out” and “Odd Bear Out” is only offered in an apron?

I originally bought “Just a little paint” back when “Odd Bear Out” and it both printed in the same derby, but didn’t buy both because they were both printed within such a close time of each other. I just a couple days ago was thinking how I wished I would’ve bought “Odd Bear Out” as well. When I saw this sale I thought it was my chance… but I guess not.

It just seems pretty weird to me, doesn’t make any sense why it isn’t being offered on a shirt. Oh well, $15 of my dollars that woot won’t get.

ETA: A lot of these designs were printed around the same time and have brought a bit of nostalgia of the old woot to me. I just wore my “Self Expression” shirt 3 days ago!

Also, that black “print” of “Acquired Taste” looks sexy! Remix time?

With exception of a couple of these shirts, they are all in my wardrobe. A couple of them are in multiples. I am the proud owner of two "Imposter"s and my favorite, “You Have to Try this Guys”; two shirts and one hoodie.
I love being the odd man out.

Because this round has a few aprons, I will say that I was disappointed in the quality of the one apron I’ve bought from Woot. The design is great (kitchen warfare) but the print was smaller than I had expected and the apron was flimsy. I’d pay more for an awesome design on an equally high quality apron.

I am ECSTATIC over the Original Blue Hedgehog reprint!

This was the FIRST woot shirt I ever encountered. I asked some guy at the mall where he found it, back in 2009, and he referred me to shirt.woot. Over 3 years, and over 50 woots later, I’ve super excited to finally be able to own this shirt!

Thanks woot! :slight_smile:

I guess this one was too “odd”:



edit: Sorry about the blurry image. If someone can show me how to find sharper images to all the old woot shirts, I would update this. Thanks!

edit2: found better image!

Wow, I’ve never seen that shirt before! Before my time by a long shot.

More like not enough choices.

Quality is no longer the standard around here, unfortunately.

Wow. So a shirt that was part of the reason the whole Reckoning numbers thing began, and was heartily cheered when it was finally reckoned, is back.

Woot, I would say I am disappoint, but… yeah. Par for the course, I guess. I am happy to see Acquired Taste back though, even if just for a week.

Aw man. I thought Hungry Bento was being offered as a shirt. My poor Bento shirt has a rust stain from the washing machine that refuses to come out (I even paid $20 at dry cleaning to try to get it out). Please Woot, bring back Hungry Bento as a shirt!!!

If you’re so unhappy with shirt.woot and so miserable here, then why stay? It’s unhealthy to continually subject yourself to something that makes you miserable, yet you persist in sticking around shirt.woot. I don’t get it. There’s no rational explanation for it. If you are unhappy with shirt.woot, please take the Debbie Downer attitude elsewhere. Some of us still enjoy the wonderful world of woot.

Was very happy to see Acquired Taste back, if only for a brief time. It was my first woot shirt and I just love it. It always makes me laugh and it’s my woot shirt that gets the most compliments. Very tempted to buy another Acquired Taste while I can.