Old People

Stay the hell off my lawn.


Sonny, how’d you like a smack?

Noodly Appendage



Where’s my pills?!

I <3 Horses


Oh, you mean old people for real…

I thought you meant this to be diametrically opposed to the “NEW PEOPLE” thread.

Did you start the car today, if you didn’t the battery will go down.

I know your wife is pregnant and the oldest kid is ill, but could you stop on your way home and get some dog food for skippy.

Hey, get out of my way you whipper snapper!

Did I call you today and ask that you bring Skippy some dog food.

I know it is about time for you to leave work, why is it I don’t have your cell #?

I can’t find my eye glasses, I told them kids of yours to put everything back where they found it.

You say your not married, your wife is not pregnant and you don’t have any children.
Then my guess is your cousin Elliott. If so, could you stop by the store for the dog food.

You hear what happened to Mabel Grizzlehat?