The person above you

Ok, let’s try this.

Post something about the person above you, I’ll start below:

^ faceless ^


^ grammatically correct ^

^ loves to cook/bake ^

^ really loves deoderant? ^

^Does not play a doctor on TV^

^enjoys tiger beat^

^is actually someone^

^enjoys making it with lard^

^riddle wrapped in a mystery dipped in chocolate^

^is a master deal shopper^

^Has a July birthday^

^Is NOT really an internet stalker^

^would be the first ebw-er who isn’t^

^has the most extensive stalker files in the ebw :wink: ^

^prolly has posted personal info on facebook which is inaccessible to me but not many, many others on ebw^

^prolly is on FB under yet another name that we don’t know^

^prolly on fb as “lady gaga”^

^may well be the missing link.

^rescues baby trees and adopts them out to good homes^