Oneida 65 Piece Flatware Collection

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Oneida 65 Piece Flatware Collection
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Oneida 65 Piece Flatware Collection with Wooden Storage Caddy

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Oh…in for a set!

Are they made in China?

Oneida makes great silverware. I own two sets and years later they still look brand new. Highly recommend them. (I think mine are 18/10 though…)… Just checked, and no, they are 18/0 just like these. Buy 3 sets, you can’t go wrong.

(it is cheaper to buy them in sets so you don’t have to replace the individual pieces when they are ground in the disposal by accident)

Oneida will sell their patterns for a lifetime (that’s what they say and so far, so good). If you ever need more of a discontinued pattern, you won’t have to hunt high and low…

Of course, you can just buy 3 sets and never have to worry about it… :slight_smile:


This same set can be purchased on the Oneida website for $64 if you use coupon code MARCAT20

Crappy woot

FINALLY! First wooter and I needed forks badly.

Well, people had started to complain how Woot was regurgitating the same products over and over. Wood yesterday, silverware today. Nobody can say that they aren’t bringing out new products now.

5-star reviews on Amazon - Chandler

4 stars for Amazon - Stafford

What is the significance of flatware being 18/0 Stainless Steel Flatware? I know it says that it is Chromium: 18%, No Nickel, but is that a good thing?

Chandler at Oneida

Stafford at Oneida

Both currently on sale for 149.99… regular is $320.

Great price woot!

$103 - $125 on amazon



It cost $102 at amazon, but it comes with tray.

Reviewers on Amazon always make the point that 18/10 stainless is the heavier, more desirable kind.

just got this stuff for my wedding - good everyday tableware. heavy enough to feel like you’re holding something, but no ugly designs.


I enjoy the smooth feeling of polished silverware between my soft lips. Haha

The Chandler set on Amazon:

And the Stafford set:

if you guys sell a hundred of these i will be surprised

got the same oneida polished set from walmart, in packs of 8 for $50 each, so i got more serving utensils than this offer.

[ no wooden box, tho ]

oneida is good stuff, but this isn’t that good of a deal.

I attempted to test that… and the shopping cart removed everything when I entered it.