Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

If you look carefully, you can get it new for this price.

HOLY onesie-twosie batman… how about an item where the quantity is in double digits

I LOVE my Ooma Telo. I’m thinking about buying one to give to my parents for Christmas…

We replaced Vonage with them and haven’t had a second thought about it for over a year now.

come on woot give me that pump air horn from earlier!!!

Yeah, plus I don’t need to spend this much for VOIP…

Is anyone else having trouble getting the pages to refresh? I seem to be about 2 items behind.

Home phone system? Who’s ever home anymore, except during sleeping hours (uh…yeah, I should still be sleeping).

i <3 my ooma. i have the hub/scout and don’t pay tax on it … but i wouldn’t hesitate recommending this to anyone that pays for telephone service.

at least we’re moving at a faster pace now

Almost too fast…

No. Maybe they only do that to people who haven’t bought anything yet?

Awesome. I got this last time it was on woot and love it. Sound quality is perfect. setup took 5 minutes. $3/month taxes instead of a $25 bill.

It’s a no brainer. Did some research for my sister and it should work with most alarm systems.

I have had no problems with it since getting it and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Where can you find it new for this price?

[QUOTE=feq451, post:13, topic:301279]

It’s a no brainer. Did some research for my sister and it should work with most alarm systems.

I would do a little more research, if I were you. I know for a fact that it does NOT work with ‘most’ alarm systems. Perhaps in the next year or so, but not yet.

Technically it can work with alarm systems, since you have the option of integrating it with your existing land line and just dropping all features/LD off your landline. But then again, that still leaves you with a $25 phone bill each month, which sort of defeats the purpose.

So yeah, if you want pure VoIP service at your home, completely dropping traditional TDM service, then no alarm.

I would also like to ask though where the other poster is finding these online for the same price.

What was the price on this? I recently paid $160 for it and I want to know if I got ripped off.