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Does anybody on here have any first-hand knowledge or use of the Dwight Schuh Mega Pack? I did some online research and it appears these are older models (I could be wrong), but they seem to get really good reviews. I went ahead and picked one up anyway, but wondered if anyone else has used one.

So near, yet so far! I want that exact blue shoulder bag but not for a tablet/netbook but for a laptop! My husband wants an easy bag to throw his laptop in when he goes to lunch at work. He doesn’t like carrying around a backpack, and regular messenger bags have the big annoying flap on them. This is exactly it, just too small.

You made a good purchase. A friend of mine has one of these (a version without the mesh) that he takes on hunting trips and he says it has served him well. For $50 it’s a steal.

holy hell that’s a huge pack! I would never buy it (I’m a bit of a minimalist) but it must have been a steal for it to have sold out without listing any of the critical specs associated with purchasing a backpacking pack such as weight and capacity. Good to know there’s a paltry 2 liter bladder to go with your 60lb pack though, for those backpacking treks that last less than half a day.

Thanks for the replies. I found a lot of specs for the mega pack on other sites, but what sold me was all the bags/pieces are removable and you can just take what you need. Or, if it’s an extended trek, you can load up the whole thing and have tons of space.

What are the dimensions on the shoulder bags? Neither the woot! write-up nor Amazon lists them.


Bag is 10.75" x 8.5" x 2.25"
Compartment is slightly smaller

The blue bag fits my Asus tablet with keyboard that is also in a leather case with ample room in the outside compartment for charger, stylus, flashdrive, pens and paper, cellphone, etc. Perfect for traveling.