Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Photo Scanner

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Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Photo Scanner
$27.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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horrible product, please buy 3

Wow - a 0.5GB memory card!

Oh come on…and now a crappy scanner.

Crappy Camera, Crappy TV, Crappy Keyboard, Crappy Scanner.

FFS Woot put up a less than 1.0ghz CPU computer already. I mean honestly you must be setting me up here.

DO NOT BUY***************************

Malfunctions after first few scans! Terrible!

Meh… seen better… pass

shhhh, we want people to buy. But seriously, mine sucked after 1 scan. I returned it to the Shack. You are better off taking pictures of your pictures with a digital camera.

Is it really that bad? O.M.G…

You can get a DeskJet AIO with a flatbed scanner (also 1200dpi) at Walmart for $34. And then you can print the pictures as well as scan them. And since it’s a flatbed scanner, it will scan straight, not skewed like sheetfed scanners without a bed usually do.

this isnt the best planning on woots part, putting the slowest moving stuff at the least populated time of night. im not saying the best stuff should be at night, but this is just dumb

bummer. did the research and thought this was mac compatible. was looking forward to not having to flatbed all the pictures that are sitting here, now i need to figure out where/how to return the damn thing. tips?