Pavi Vin Santo Dessert Wine (4)

Pavi Vin Santo Dessert Wine 4-Pack
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NV Due Sorelle Vin Santo, Napa Valley, 375ml

Non vintage;
What vintage years are represented in this?

Bummer, first wine I’ve ever wanted to order something that doesn’t deliver to oregon. Ah, well, saves me some cash I guess…

I’ve passed the question up the ladder and I’ll let you know what I find out.

Actually, their website does say they ship to OR (and a number of other states not listed). What gives?

I’m assuming they’re nv–at least the ones sold on Pavi’s website are:

Dessert wine, So how sweet is this wine compared to a late harvest Riesling? I don’t mean the $6 Late harvest Riesling on the grocery shelf that really isn’t that sweet, I mean the $30 bottle you get at wineries that’s so sweet it’s like drinking liquid candy. YUMM…:slight_smile: Anyway you get the point.

IF this is the current 2013 release shown on the PAVI website, and it spent six to eight years in barrel…'05, '06, 07?

Can we find out if this is indeed the August 2013 release? Or maybe this is their only release of this anyway?

Guess not, I see a 2003 of this. And Chambers&Chambers had a 2012 release that was noted as being '04, '05, '06

Question, and I probably know the answer. This really won’t be delivered by April 20th will it?

Does anyone know the Residual Sugar value?

I don’t know, but I can tell you that this isn’t an unheard of occurrence. I’ll ask our Wine team to look into it, but don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep.

Essentially, the regulation of the sale of alcohol is really weird, and our lawyers never let us have any fun.

Hi all,
Thanks for the interest. Its a fun wine. cant hurt to try it. :slight_smile:
we blended 4 vintages 04-07.
We had so little volume of each we blended them. we get about 40 gals per ton of juice/wine so its really small.
Bright apricot pear caramel
neutral oak barrels
(doesn’t impart oak flavor)
this wine is more about the passion and enjoyment of making wine and making different ones.
The wine is named after my two girls, two sisters.

no added spirits like licoroso style

Does this have any botrytis?

Thanks for jumping in Rob, can you comment on the winemaking techniques used for this. Is it a passito style wine made with air dried grapes or just late harvest grapes, fermented in stainless tanks, barrels or both? Any other specs and info will be appreciated.

I’ve enjoyed all the wines you’ve sold on Woot and will be buying some of this offering for sure, just trying to decide how many.

Guess I should have listened to your vintner voicemail first! You answered my questions, thanks.

not really. there is some molds and some botrytis depending on the vintage but we don’t look for it or wait for it.

also with the shipping deal and type of wine, 3 btls is best to watch change and share.
such a great cheese wine as well as traditional biscotti or tart etc. more diverse than people give credit for. more importantly drinking wine is supposed to be a fun experience.
no right or wrong answers :slight_smile:


wanted to buy, would have liked some confirmation on shipping window… oh well.

haven’t been buying much here, a little bit though. And now comes summer. See you in October maybe?