Pedroncelli Winery - Mixed Case

Pedroncelli Winery - Mixed Case
$99.99 + $5 shipping
3 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Morris Fay Vineyards, Alexander Valley, Sonoma County
3 2009 Zinfandel, Mother Clone, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
3 2008 Sangiovese, Alto Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
3 2007 Syrah, Ridge Ranch, Alexander Valley, Sonoma County
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Previous offers:
12/8/10 (Same Cab and Syrah here)

what is the drinking window on these?

This might be the most good wine for the least money ever to be on wine.woot.

Concur. WANT! Curse the 8+ cases of wine overflowing my storage at home…not to mention the woots awaiting pickup w my family outside MD…

Some now and some later :slight_smile:

We normally don’t cellar wine at this price point because it is too easy to open with a wide range of not-terribly-aware-of-good-wine guests, but there is enough [3] of each bottle to try it now and a few years down the road if it is worthy of passing that dang time test.

Hey, looka me, my first first! What, no mill?

After spending a night contending with black & blue screens on my new computer, nice to be able to get it running in time for its inaugural wine woot!!

Pedroncelli Winery - Mixed Case
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My friends at work will take the Cab & the Syrah off my hands (since I still have some left from the December woot), leaving the Zin & the Sangio for me, me, me!

I promised my gf I’d get us some of their PN, we enjoyed it so last summer. Hey winery peeps, any good Wooter discounts coming our way?


How come the Syrah don’t show on the lineup at the top?

It’s there; you just have to scroll down.

Is this Ridge Ranch as in the well known Ridge Vineyards known for their Zinfandel? I think Ridge was actually one of the California producers in the America v France wine tasting in the 70’s

I would doubt it as Ridge does not own any properties referred to as Ridge Ranch.

In the first RPM tour, Pedroncelli was the first winery we visited. We’d been cautioned to pace ourselves, both in swallowing and in buying, but I always regretted not buying more of the Mother Clone at the time.

I’m in.

Party season is coming up. Weddings, showers, picnics, baptisms, road trips to see family (that would be us) to name a few. How can you not take advantage of this deal? Oh and graduations. We have a couple of those this year.

Some to keep. Some to share. Lots to keep everyone happy.

Picture shows 12. Description says 9. First post says 12. Weed The Foundation!?

ah ha! They corrected the discrepancies. DAMN! I want my 3 cases that I would have been entitled to had I ordered when I initially questioned this! :stuck_out_tongue:

I cannot find Wine Spectator tasting notes for the 2009 Zin or any recent vintage of the other three reds in this offer. But they gave (FWIW) the 2008 Mother Clone Zin an 88 (Very Good) with the following notes:
Ripe and jammy, but nicely structured, with ripe cherry, licorice and roasted herb flavors. Drink now through 2015. 6,000 cases made.

Oh geez. I normally wait til the morning but this one’s too easy. I mean really? Come on! just buy it and get on with your day.

well said. A case for $105 and a known producer, can’t go wrong.

Ridiculously good value. If your spouse gives you an ultimatum “it’s me or the wine”, choose this.

This is an old-school winery, been going for years producing very good wine for a normally low price (but better than other wines at twice the price. rpm loves them.

I do not like their normal Zin, being a bit hot, but the mother clone is very good indeed, and their Sangiovese stads out as a fine, structured and Italian-styled wonder. I’m certain their Cab and Syrah will be very good indeed.

This case from any other producer of this quality would probably woot for $180, and retail for $300+. EDIT: WTF you can get 4 cases for $300? Inconceivable!

Courtesy of CJ:

So join or create a gathering now!

Certainly. Deal excellence on a par with $20 for a Rasmussen Petite Sirah. though WPR robasbly even higher!

3 cases bought. Tuesday nights - and Wednesday mornings - will never be the same. For this is weekend quality wine!