Pedroncelli Mixed Red Case

Pedroncelli Mixed Red Case
$124.99 $̶2̶5̶1̶.̶0̶0̶ 50% off List Price
6 2009 Pedroncelli Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley, Bushnell Vineyard
6 2010 Pedroncelli Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Valley, Three Vineyards
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I can see this is going to be an expensive month.

Pedroncelli; nearly always an auto-buy for future consumption.
They drink well now, but they drink ohhh-sooo-much-better after a year or two in the cellar. I’ve found them to be a great qpr if you can keep your hands off them for a while.

Truth. I’m saving most of my $ for this weekend. And WineSmith. I may take a bottle or two off your hands if you want. Or not. I don’t really care at this point and have a good amount of Pedroncelli. Picked some up when I was there during barrel tasting weekend.

Anyone in the Portland area interested in the zin? If so I’ll go halves and take most or all of the cab, not a big zin fan…

I liked the mixed case I got last time but too many Zins here for me to buy.

Anyone want to split in LAS Vegas , Nv? I have no room for all 12.

Anyone in San Diego willing to split down the middle? (3 each)?

Anyone in the SF Bay Area (South bay) want to split? I’ll take the zin, you take the cab?

aggghhh! Pedroncelli is an auto buy for me…but…with my trip this weekend… I think I am going to have to…with a heavy heart…sigh…I can’t believe I’m saying this…pass on this… :frowning:

What happened to New York?

Everyone on wine.woot knows I’m a Pedroncelli fan. and that their wines are rpm Auto-buys.

Just for fun, here’s a quote from my 2008 LabRat review of the 2005 (three posts condensed into one). It expresses what I love about Pedroncelli wines, and my cautions (if you really don’t like high alcohol):

Now, go buy some!

We’re not sure. It’s been off the list for a week by we’ve been given no details.

Yea… I heard that. I hoped that yesterday’s order would be my last for August… Now this.

And to rub salt in my financial wounds, there’s never anything else on Woot to spread my infernal shipping cost over… I’ve already got a Dyson and Roku in every room.

Gotta think about the budget sometime… I’ll be back later this evening hoping this is sold out, or to be “last wooter to woot” :wink:

I’ve been asking for this for a couple weeks now. In for two. Great QPR.

Two cases of daily drinkers only lasts 24 days tho…by my calculation.

At the risk of getting yelled at: I miss the not too long ago days of $99 Pedroncelli cases WITH tax included.

As do we all. My recommendation is to scoop the 2009 Zin while you can - it’s going to be a while before the 2012’s are ready.

Pedroncelli, it’s italian for QPR!

Btw, I absolutely love this label for the Zin. Don’t recall seeing this before, is this a new style for you Ed?

The zin is what is tempting me! Unlike many here I enjoy DCV Zins when im n the mod for a big, robust, in your face zin!

Edit: thanks for not yelling at me! Lol

How is the zin in this offer different from the Mother Clone offered last time? I enjoyed the MC but after bottle 3 the “prunie” or stewed prune taste became too much for me. Also, how many cases of each were produced? Thanks