Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel Case

Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel Case
$109.99 $232.00 53% off List Price
2011 Pedroncelli Zinfandel, Mother Clone, Sonoma County, Dry Creek Valley
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Early bird gets the cork!

88 points on winespectator

I’ll buy this so my sister can drink it when she comes over. Gotta keep her away from my good stuff and she won’t drink the $5 bottles from Binny’s…

You snobby wine asshats make the world go round. Cheers!

Personally, Pedroncelli wines are a solid wine regardless of the points they get. Every case I have gotten from them has been stellar, especially when you throw it in the cellar for a year, and give it lots of air before drinking. And at less than ten dollars a bottle shipped…I am in for a case.

Okay I stand corrected in NY It Turns out to be about $10.62 per bottle.

In for two cases…One for me…and the other one is for…me.

Down into the cellar it goes! Well…one of them anyway. But just the one that is for me…

I’m gonna enjoy the other one over the next few months…weeks…ok ok…days…


Had to be the Zin…I have 5 cases of Pedroncelli Zin in the basement cellar. I need Pedroncelli Cabernet and Sangiovese!! As much as I LOVE the Zin with a steak, we have too much. This will be the first Pedroncelli Woot that I will be skipping… sigh

Anywhere that says how long this can be cellared?

Been buying Pedroncelli on woot since 2008. Autobuy.

Pedroncelli is usually an autobuy for me but I’m on the fence. I like their zin (bought this before) but would prefer some other varietals.

STILL not understanding why when I used to buy wine from Woot that I can not now. I am in multiple wine clubs and get wine shipped from wineries every other month or so. Why can the wineries shipping for Woot not ship the wine to MN?

General rule, drink Zins young. I would be drinking this in a year or two. But then, I have ‘found’ bottles in my cellar that have gotten way beyond my planned drink by date. I still drink them.

Oh, not another Ed Special - obligatory Pedroncelli is Italian for QPR™ comment.

Still on a bit of a SIWBM but this deal’s the closest I’ve come to breaking it in a long time, for whatever it’s worth.

General rule, yes, but I enjoy Zins that have been aged a bit. The Mother Clone is one I’ve been drinking for at least 30 years, since it has always been reasonably priced, and always a most enjoyable wine at any price. They do very well with a year or two of aging (some would say better with at least a year), and I’ve sat on them for 5 years or more, with absolutely delightful results. We had this one in the tasting room during the rpm tour earlier this month, and it’s every bit as good as always. This is, as WD likes to say, a “screaming deal”. We have way more wine than we need, but we’re not going to be able to resist. :tongue:

Pedroncelli, always a great QPR. I just texted my nieces because they LOVE Pedroncelli Wines: "Hi J & S! I just checked on woot & there is a screaming good deal: one full case of Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel for $109.99 and $8 summer shipping. This winds up being about $10.62 per bottle. How can you go wrong–plus, it’s Pedroncelli! And the reg list price is $232–that’s 53% off! You could each buy a case; buy a case & split it or we could do a 3 way split. We definitely don’t need a case! Let me know. . . "

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Love the Pedroncelli wines and almost always buy when the red cases are offered (thank you Woot, for introducing me to this winery!). I still have a lot of zin from previous buys, but can’t pass this one up! Woot–get some cabernet and sangiovese in here soon! :slight_smile: (Heck, I’ve even enjoyed the Pedrocelli merlot, and as a non-merlot drinker, that’s sayin’ something!)

I have not seen anything about drink dates relating to this. My opinion is that if stored in a proper cellar (55º or so) zinfandels will be fine for at least 5-7 years. I have had quality zins store for 10 years past the vintage. If stored in a 70º closet they are not as bullet proof.

My advice, these are great daily drinker for the price. Buy a case and make the huge sacrifice to drink one a month.