Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve - 2 Pack

Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 Peter Wellington 2006 Victory Reserve
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I’ve got four of these happily aging in my wine locker and no room for another four. Otherwise I’d be in for a half case.

For those who haven’t had this, it’s glorious. Peter is a master winemaker and blender - especially after seeing part of the blending process you know it’s going to be a great wine, expressing the best that 2006 had to offer.

I’ve liked the other Wellington wines here, but Victory Reserve blows them all out of the water

Again, no ship to New Hampshire. :frowning: Not sure why this is the case if Wellington ships to NH, why won’t Wellington via Woot ship to NH?

I’m in for one… my wifes’ gonna kill me.

In for 2… drink a couple, lay a couple down. Worth waiting through the olives to have at this juice.

I had the 06’ earlier in the year with dinner at a restaurant and unfortunately the bottle did not get time to open up at all. It was very muted and UN-expressive.

I have two left in the cooler though and will make sure to give them lots of air next time.

Oh lord, how many times can I pass on this during a Woot-Off?

(Solely because of $$ concerns. Otherwise, based on the reviews on here, I’d probably own 4 cases by now…)

See, we don’t have a basement so anything that I ‘cellar’ is just sitting on a rack in our living room. So no real temperature/humidity control, it ranges 65-85 throughout the year. Good idea or not to stick some quality juice like this on said rack for a year or more?

Thoughts, wise Wooters?

Darn WD and these auto-buys!!! And here I thought I could make it thru without buying anything!

In for one on this. Very hard to pass up on Wellington.

I’ve still got 3 bottles of this sleeping… Otherwise I’d be in.

It causes me pain to pass on this deal.

Same for Maryland…

I wish I had a first born so I could sell it for this wine. Instead, I will cling to hope for a Wellington mixed case that’s not quite as amazing, but fits my budget.

I promised myself I would not spend anymore $ on wine woot until I made room in my wine fridge with the exception of two bottles that I have been looking to buy more of. This was one of them. I hate you wine woot. In for 1 :frowning: This wine is one of my favorites next to Jana Harvey’s Red Table wine and corison cab 2003.

Sooo, since I can’t read and can’t zoom the pictures, I assume these are 750mL bottles and not the magnums that would make this an insta buy, right?

My wife and I married in 2006 - we have one of these laid down for our 15th anniversary. We have another for our 20th. We have a couple more “just in case”.

And yes, they are 750ml.

Your assumption is correct. 750 unless otherwise specified.

Darn double-post!