Since woot added kids.woot it popped in my head that i would love that addition too!

anyone else agree?

I don’t think I want a puppy via SmartPost.


“If it’s got a central nervous system, we’ve got it ready to go in a box to your house.”

A nice addition would be Feature an independent artist every week. Or a t-shirt artist who wants to sell lithos. Some of my most favorite artwork are ones I found in little places in out of the way parts of the US and abroad.

Interesting idea. I saw a painter’s work down in Tahoe when I was 16. I fell in love with it, but didn’t have the money to buy anything (and even though I did alright in the casino I didn’t make that much!) I’ve never seen his work again, don’t even know the name. I keep hoping I’ll run into it again.

How do you think deals.woot is going to differ from the woot we have now?

It’s going to be another shirt.woot kind of site, with a derby and everything. Except this time instead of shirts, the artwork is for playing card backs. Buy a new deck of cards every night!

Jeez, I actually bought that for about 10 seconds. //smacks head//