Philips 1080p 42” LCD HDTV Woot Info Post is neato.

Philips 1080p 42” LCD HDTV [Refurbished] - $529.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Philips 42PFL3704D 1080p 42” LCD HDTV with 3 HDMI Inputs

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What is THAT thing?

here’s the product website

and the user manual at the support page

um doesnt target have this for like $499 new?

NVM, it was a 42" 1080p Magnavox

philips, magnavox same company am I wrong?


Unfortunately this is not a great price nor a good rating. )c:- Sorry Woot.

According to Cnet HERE!

Just in time for the Super Bowl, er, I mean, “the big game”.

Don’t do it.I bought the same one on the 4th of july and it was broken and phillips still hasnt fixed it…8 MONTHS AGO. just get it full price somewhere else.

remote is difficult to use, I suggest a universal remote in lieu of the one that comes with this…

Alatest reviewers say 87 out of 100,33/

I own a similar Philips 32" LCD and I must say that I am very satisfied with it. Beautiful picture and it has been going strong for well over a year now. This seems like a great price too.

BE warned you will not get this for the Big Game.

what he’s trying to say is it’s 619.18 w/ free shipping new at amazon


How will this built-in Virtual Surround Sound system effect my already existing surround sound system? Will I not need it anymore? Is the Virtual Surround Sound comparable to a stand-alone surround sound system?

hooray! a Puli!

Brand new on newegg for 599.00

not a great price for a refurb

The dog is a Puli. If anyone is interested. A good bloodline goes for over 3 times what the tv is worth


Wow. I havent seen 1 good one for this TV :frowning: I need a new one for the guest room, thought this was going to be it.