Philips 32” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV


I want…but can’t have

So many TVs. D:


If only this was a 42"!

Buy 3 please

Yay, for another TV! Zzzzz…

Waaah! I’m looking for a 37" - try again, Woot! Firsties!!!

and… If only I had a credit card.

They’re just loving the TVs this time…too bad I don’t need another one.

I bought this on a previous woot. Beautiful picture, Blu-Ray movies are extremely sharp. I really like it.

$489 at Overstock (
$639 at Amazon ( failed, eonaegis has a link below)
Walmart has decent reviews (

But I’ve owned a Philips LCD TV before and they’re sub-par in display quality, menu, remote control - just about everything.

Ahhh - it took so long to load!!! I was firsties. Someday I’ll actually get it - I’ve never officially posted first! :frowning:

Amazon’s got good reviews:

Anyone know if the woot gods ever offered the bag of crap during this time? As in early in the AM?

“widescreen” isn’t an aspect ratio woot… It’s late though, so I can hardly blame you. But the aspect ratio is 16:9.

heh looks awesome. If only I had money to throw around. xD

Looks like a deal though. Sells for $600 or so on amazon.

Good reviews on Amazon, and going for over $600.

Want it…but…CAN’T…

Minnesota must have a shortage of TV’s?