Philips 32” 720p LCD HDTV

Too bad it’s not 1080p

That there 32" tv has a 4 star average on Buzzillions. Yums.

Amazon averages 4 1/2 stars Most of them are 5 Stars
Newegg averages 4 stars All of them are 4 Stars

Honestly, 1080p really only starts to show once you get to the larger TVs… at least 40"
If you’re buying 32", buy 720p. You won’t notice the difference.

Bought it for $50 more in a previous woot and it’s pretty good. Not for use as a computer monitor since it’s 720p.

Not a bad price, but wish it was bigger/higher resolution.

I completely agree. I’d be all over this if it was.

Are there any Philips TVs that are NOT refurbs?

I HATE dynamic contrast ratios. Not only are they a lie, they’re blasted annoying. The 2,000:1 contrast ratio is fine. We’ll take that! Since they list both I assume the dynamic contrast can be turned off.

My Dell 37" LCD from 2007 has a 700:1 contrast ratio which is pretty primitive by today’s standards but is less annoying than watching the screen dim on dark scenes, then pop back up on bright ones.

In other news, $265 to get this refurb to your house isn’t bad, but strolling through Walmart and Costco today I saw plenty of brand new 32" sets for about $290-$300. Consider the extra $35 a convenience charge to have your new set NOW.

More info from Amazon:

Philips 32PFL3505D/F7 32-Inch LCD HDTV, Black

Unless you use it as a computer monitor.

I worry for the Cleric…
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(and yes this entertains me… I know people like this.)

I dunno…Woot’s great and all, but the one stinker of a product I bought from Woot was a 19" Philips LCD TV last in December of aught-nine and that thing is a piece of garbage – when plugged in, it will often not turn on. So we called Philips “service”, they gave us a runaround, I faxed my receipt and so on (a requirement, they claimed) to some totally not Philips-related number that THEY GAVE ME and … long story short, it never got repaired. I wouldn’t buy ANYTHING with the Philips name on it. Just my 2.27 cents.

woot had this for $299 a few months back. that’s like a 13% discount right there… i think.

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need a minimum of 52 inches 1080p, guess this on would work for the kitchen or something

This TV rolls an 18 when used as a TV. When used as a computer monitor, it rolls a 4 and gets eaten by the Master Troll. And oh my god NightGhost didn’t post today!

Let’s say you live in California, as I do.

You walk into Best Buy. $299 for a 32" Dynex. Plus 9.5% Sales Tax. Plus ~$20 for the “Environmental Fee” (put old CRT’s on boat and send 'em to China).

Suddenly, $265 to my doorstep sounds like a really good deal. And if refurb is an issue, grab a year of Squaretrade, and it is still less than if you walked into a store and bought one.

YMMV depending on location; I live in a quasi-socialist state, so your taxes & fees may not be quite as bad as mine.

Well this would be true. I personally would hate having a monitor that big tho… rather have two monitors side by side… but of course, that’s my personal opinion.