Philips 32” 720p LCD HDTV

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Philips 32" 720p LCD HDTV
$229.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Going to see if I can find the receipt and return policy for the TV we got for Christmas… I’ll be back… :slight_smile:

Sad that you could get these new right before Christmas from Best Buy…

Great value. I have this tv as my desktop monitor and I paid 279. It’s worth ever penny in my opinion. I’d def pay 230 for it. I bought it online for 279 before Halloween. Does everything I need it to as speakers and a monitor.

A refurb for that much?!, that’s outrageous.

So is HDMI 2 on the side, I’m PRETTY sure I see it, and figuring it’s 1 and 3 on the back…anyone confirm this?

I purchased a 47" TV from Woot and I can tell you that the shipping is an incredible value. Plus, FedEx handled the delivery with great professionalism.

I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a TV again from Woot.

Shock! It doesn’t say how it’ll be shipped?! Or did I miss it…

I need one for the bedroom. My other one is a Philips and I’ve been rather pleased with it…and I would like nothing more than a matching set. But I shall wait until more senior Wooters chime in and tell me whether this is a good value or not.

I’m sure people will want this like I did. Amazon reviews 4 1/2 stars from 13 people. This sounds like a good deal.

Amazon review

I’m gonna guess that it’s most likely coming directly from the vendor.

Fedex shipping handles their packages with care, just ask this guy:

Cue the 720p, refurb and Philips haters. Fact is, Philips is fine, refurbs are fine, 720 is fine. This is a hella deal, especially historically speaking. Wanna guess what I paid for my first 24" color TV in the 1970s?

Product datasheets can be found here.

From looking at the image, I thought this was a bookcase.

I found a similar model new at Target for 299, and the reviews that I read were a little scary! I think I’m going to have to pass on this one… :frowning:

Here’s the Target Product Page

Question, folks: I still use traditional 4:3 CRT TVs. Would this guy work with a plain non-box, non-HD cable TV coaxial input? If so, how does the extreme difference in shape resolve itself?

refurb and 720p, at best, an average deal

720p would be fine if it was the display’s native resolution. I have yet to see one that was. They just can’t stop making 768p displays and up-sampling the 720p signal, resulting in a softening (blurring) of the image. They need a 1:1 mode that doesn’t resample the image, even if it does mean there’s a black border around the entire image (for true 720p sources, otherwise go ahead and preserve as much of the 1080i or p signal as you can).

This coming from someone who uses an HP 768p monitor for iPod playback daily. No speakers, but at better than half the price. (But no 1-to-1.)