Philips 47” 1080p LCD HDTV

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Well, it sure has the oomph and Ps that I need. My only concern is with refurbished. I’d rather have a contingency plan in place. Is there Squaretrade on this to ease my troubled mind?


oh, didn’t notice the link in the product listing. My posting was superfluous.

Best price i’ve found is on amazon for a hundred more, even refurbished: link!

EDIT: not to mention the small fortune alone in shipping costs. yay smartpost!

Apparently, anything over 32" you can notice the difference between 1080p and 720p. Which makes TVs 32" and below the same from ~6 feet away.



Not for me, I’m starting to dislike the Phillips products I’ve bought on Woot. I took a few refurb chances, non Phillips and feel like I’m ahead of the game. I’m not in the mood to gamble tonight on another LCD TV when all the others work just fine.

I know this won’t get me a quality post rating. I don’t have a link with the name of it within the html quick enough to.

For the very first time in many years, I’m getting disgusted with Woot for many reasons.

This is not a good deal.

So the p stands for progressive as in the pixel lines on the TV are loaded progressively which is much better then when it used to be I or interlaced which means a line on the left loads while a different line loads from the right. The thing that most people don’t know about 1080p and 720p is that you can only get 1080p from blu ray movies or upscaled dvds. When you are watching a show on TV that says HD it is actually only 720p which means getting 1080 while only watching television is pretty useless. The only issue is if you upgrade to 1080 your not just paying for 1080 your paying for an increased contrast ratio. So now the question is can someone notice a difference in contrast ratio, the answer is yes to a certain point. I will tell you right now that a contrast ratio of 29,000;1 is horrible in a 47 in even for an lcd. A 42-50 in plasma or led will have a contrast ratio of around 2-3 million to one. Plus the average contrast ratio on a higher end brand LCD will be at least 75 thousand to one.

It seems like a decent deal but it’s 60 htz and not 120 at least.

P Stands for “progressive scan” instead of interlaced (hence 1080i).

Basically the TV will draw every line every time it refreshes instead of every other (even, odd, even odd, etc.) And yes, you can tell when there’s fast moving stuff on screen, like explosions, or sports stuff.

@mixchelle can you give more specifics? I’ve been shopping 47-52" HDTVs to replace my vizio 37 and was about to jump at this deal until I saw your comment - I’ve had no trouble with the DVD player I got here from philips (my only experience)

What , in general, has been people’s experience with dead pixels on the refurbished LCD tv’s that are frequently offered here? I cannot abide dead pixels.

The earlier link was to a marketing brochure. Here’s the manual and the quick start guide.

After saying all this I realized that this may seem like I am condemning this TV, but I would still probably recommend it for someone who was looking for a cheap TV that will satisfy your needs. I have no problem suggesting a refurbished TV and on top of that this is an incredible price for a 47in. Especially since if your thinking about getting a mid range 40in it will cost you the same at any retailer, and that not counting tax and shipping. If you just want a TV and aren’t obsessed with high quality picture this is a pretty good tv, at a wonderful price.

Really? You don’t HONESTLY know all this by now? And you want to beat this dead-horse of a conversation AGAIN? Okay:

P = Progressive. As opposed to interlaced. the P basically means the pixels are all displayed simultaneously whereas interlaced lines of resolution are displayed alternating frames, effectively cutting resolution in half, but too fast for the eye to really notice.

And depending on the person, and the usage. As a computer monitor, yes you can notice a huge difference as you can view more at one time. On Sunday watching sports? I’d hope the game would be more interesting than the resolution, so no, you won’t really notice. NEXT!!!

This is the same price I paid for my 32" 720p Samsung last summer. Jealous, but thats technology.

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oh, just noticed no VGA monitor input - no thanks. why, philips?