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Philips 47” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV [Refurbished] - $699.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Philips 47PFL5704D/F7B 47” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with Pixel Plus 3 HD

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Has anybody heard or know of how the picture is on this TV? Does it mount to the wall easily?

I just got lucky and got a check for $600 today, and I feel that this woot is a sign to spend it…

Why would Philips be an automatic no? I have had a number of Philips products over the years that have performed well. Granted, I have never had a Philips TV, but their other products seem ok. Not the best, not the worst.

This actually seems like a good deal for this size TV but it is a little too big for my living room.

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I just bought this in a previous Woot and it was sent with a non-working remote. I called Philips and they had me test the remote only to reveal that it was defective. Unfortunately the TV cannot be setup without a working remote so I wasn’t able to use it. I was told to email Philips the receipt from Woot so that they could send me another remote. I did so right away and waited for them to respond the next day with, “This is not valid enough for Philips to send you a remote. Please login to Woot! and send us a copy of the page from when you purchased the TV.” I did this right away and have still not heard back. I now have a $700 giant paper weight. Philips customer service has definitely disappointed me. There seems to be no sense of urgency for me to have a TV that works!

[MOD: Have you emailed to ask for some assistance/intervention? No promises, but they may be able to help.]

Don’t get it, it is based on an LG 47" screen, except the Phillips does not have the same 120hz tech. I sell these for a living and I have seen a motion test run on these side by side, go find yourself a 47lh40. It is disco now so the price has dropped, it will come with 12 month warranty and it will smoke this Phillips in every conceivable category.

I’m an old man and I don’t understand TVs anymore. Does 120Hz mean it does 3D because it can refresh at 60Hz for each orientation of polarization?

Get your wall mount from Monoprice. Great prices and good quality mounts. We’ve been using them at work for several years and they all work great.

Just got this from on father’s day. The box it came in was beat to hell, but it was in great shape. Works perfect. I have it hooked up to a brand new unibody Mac mini and love it. I’m running it through a Sony 3.1 sound bar. Perfect home theater setup.

Read the fructiferous manual.

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This TV is not 3D capable. 120 Hz simple means that the screen is refreshing at a rate of 120 frames per second (single plane, if you will). This is a step up from the first wave of LCDs, all of which were 60 Hz, and CRT television (the ones you may be more accustomed to) which were 30 Hz. This simply means that action, scrolling text, etc. will exhibit less blur, thus giving a feel of extra clarity. This is most evident on a channel such as ESPN during Sportscenter, when there is a scrolling Ticker at the bottom of the page. Go to your local TV store and check out a samsung or LG demo. These TVs often have a demo function where they can display half of the screen in 60 Hz and the other in 120 Hz. The difference is noticeable.

I hope this helps!

120Hz is supposed to mean that the TV actually creates 60 “new” frames of content every second. This makes the picture look smoother. By comparison your old tube TV was about 300Hz. but only based on 30pics per sec. this 120Hz should be 120 separate pics per sec. HOWEVER most manufacturers (like Phillips) do not actually have the ability to do this. If you want real 120Hz Samsung, Sony, LG, and some new Sharps are what you are looking for. These other brands are flashing lights at you so they can put “120Hz” on their features list.

Here’s good reviews and comparison prices

I want proof of this…I think you might be full of dung.

Here’s a couple of links, since you asked so nicely:

LCD Refresh Rates Explained - 240HZ vs. 120HZ vs. 60HZ

cnet forum

I bought one of these the last time it was up on Woot (just a few weeks ago). Box arrived pretty beat up from the shipping carrier but the TV itself looked to be in very good shape. Setup is pretty easy as it has you choose a series of photos where one side is one setting and the other is slightly different and you pick which way you like the photo better. The picture on this is absolutely amazing. I can assure you this TV can hang with any of the top TVs in the same specs category for picture quality. I let my parents watch Avatar on it using my Panasonic Blu-Ray and I really thought they were going to collapse in amazement at how phenominal it looked. Went with a Squaretrade warranty on it to be safe. So far, 100% satisfied with the purchase.