Philips 4x DVD+R/RW


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Today’s item quantity: 400
Last Order time: 2:12 AM CST
Woot Member to blame: elah
Order Pace: 0m 20.117s
Woot Wage: $3,631.66 an hour.


WOOTOUT ™!!! What you probably see when you finnaly want to get Today’s WOOT. You have to be quicker [;)]

Now that you are getting this burner, how about some blank dvd’s to go with it. How about 100 for $20 SHIPPED?? Other speeds available too and 10% off coupon.

Link for 100-Pk 4x 4.7 GB DVD+R Discs for $20 Shipped

Or how about a FREE DVD MOVIE?

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oooh cool, too bad its internal


That’s a hunk-a-hunk-a burnin’ wOOt!


cough crap cough


4x? Fish.


Only a 4X? That is insanely cheap though. Hmmmmm.


I needed this two weeks ago!
Good price.


lousy woot, but first page!


WTF this thing only burns +R’s? and it’s only 4X? Bad woot.

First page beeeeyotch!


For about 25 bucks more, you could get a 16x.




+R disks too expensive compared to -R disks gonna have to pass.


What the hell is this?? 4X and refurb? I don’t think so. You can get a 16X new at Newegg for $40. No thanks.


is this good if it’s refurb?


Whattt! I have drives better than this, no thanks. Good night




I just paid $33 for my 16x DVD–RW/+RW DUAL LAYER from Much better deal than this!


too slow much too slow
16x cd burner… whiskey tango foxtrot


Not bad I may get one…

Humm looking for into it 4x??? A bit on the slow
side eh?

Refurb or new?