Philips A/V Docking Cradle for iPod Woot Info Post
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Philips A/V Docking Cradle for iPod [New] - $3.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Philips SJM3140/27 Docking Cradle for iPod

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it’s not compatible with the ipod touch (any gen).

too bad, i’d buy 2 in a heartbeat if it was! (and i’d even pay more $ for it!) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not compatible with iPod Touch or iPhone.

yeah i was excited for a second when it said something about outputting video heh

Why would this work with the 5th generation but not the 6th (“Classic”)? Physically they seemed so similar…

My ipod Classic 6th gen actually works on my 3rd generation dock, stands to believe it might work on this too?

from the user manual: “Any model of iPod with a dock connector can fit into a single Dock through the use of interchangeable inserts called Dock Adapters*. You simply insert the Dock Adapter that fits your particular iPod model, and then plug in your iPod. When you
want to connect a different-size iPod, simply pop out the Dock Adapter and insert a new one.
*Dock adapters not included.”

Anyone know which features (if any) will work with an iPod Touch or iPhone? I know they locked down video output in the newer models, but anything that fits should still charge, right?

…and how about audio out? I guess that in the worst case, you’d just have to connect the audio cable to the headphone jack.

My staff like to plug their iPods into the stereo at work- I’m sure they’d appreciate being able to charge them at the same time. Most of them have iTouches and iPhones though.

I really dont see why this wouldnt work with any model iPod with a dock connector. if you have the adapter it should work…

This looks like the same one that they had during the April Fools adventure for $5 + shipping. Good deal!

Because the new iPods require a chip in the newer accessories to output video. Probably to stop unlicensed AV cables. It will probably still work for audio and maybe even docking with a computer and charging if it fits in the cradle.

perhaps one of the woot gods who stays up to babysit us could take one out and confirm or deny this?? just plug it into a tv and hook up an iPhone or iTouch and see if it will play video, music, sync with your laptop or whatnot?? please???

Uh, yeah. See, we don’t sit in the warehouse late at night to do this. That’s just creepy. I’ll pass a note along for the morning crew though.

The pictured iPood is a Nano 4G/5G which is NOT listed on the compatibility. Can anyone confirm if these work with the newest nano’s?

Something smells carpy…

The dock adapter for a particular model of iPod comes with that iPod, right?

This may play audio, but will not play video or charge your newer ipods. While the dock connector looks the same, there are differences in them. I had an ipod touch 1st gen that all the older stuff worked with. Someone stole it and I replaced it with a 5th gen nano. Nothing works. I can only get audio to play out of the dock connector in my car, but it doesn’t charge. My alarm clock didn’t work with it either, so I had to get rid of that for a new one.

So, you may get charging out of a 1st gen touch, but you might not get video. 2nd/3rd gen touch, ipod classic, and 4th/5th gen nano’s are not 100% compatible.

Woot really should change the picture on the cover, that ipod doesn’t work with this product.

Is it possible it may work with Resupported on a jailbroken itouch/phone?

…newer models require a reference voltage on the data line, if the charger doesn’t provide it the device won’t charge.

A few years back, Apple changed the pin layout of the dock connector, but didn’t actually change the shape of the connector.

HOWEVER, this MAY work with the iPod touch 1st generation. I have the iTouch 1st gen, as well as a very old iPod dock/speaker setup, back from the 3rd generation iPod era, and it will charge it and play music (or it did, until I broke it). But I have never been able to get it to work with any of my friends iPhones (Edge, 3G, 3GS) or newer iTouches or Nanos. So in other words, this should work on all pre-2007 iPods, but not on the latest iTouches (2nd & 3rd), any iPhone, iPod 6th gen, iPod Nano 5th gen, etc.

Anyway, I may buy it just to try it, but I can’t guarantee that this will work on the iTouch.

Its $15 + Shipping on Amazon so this is cheaper. I am always loosing my cable so I will get one just to use as a dock, I don’t care about the video part.

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