Philips Bluetooth MP3/Cell Phone Headset



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Philips Bluetooth MP3/Cell Phone Headset
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Philips Bluetooth MP3/Cell Phone Headset VOX340/17

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wow… nice one… anyone have hands on experience? do tell… in addition, useful linkage is updated… comparison engine links and such…


those look like the crappiest earbuds ever made.


What exactly is this?


Is this thing any good?


iphone compatible??


Umm cool? Where do those wires lead too? I always thought the point of bluetooth was to leave the wires behind…?


really, wireless headset


I tried on of these out. The sound was much better with the corded headphones that came with the phone. This just makes it too bulky if you are out running. It would be illegal to use while driving.


is that a 2.5mm jack or a 3.5mm jack?


I’ve never seen something like this before, that’s really neat. I wonder what the batter life is like on it.


Will it work with other stereo bluetooth headsets?


this would be great…if only I had a blue tooth phone :frowning: g-night!


Why not if it has a avg headphone jack


got one, itll keep me entertained at work…w00t


I bought one now if only I had a bluetooth phone.
Woot help me out!


Can it just be plugged into an mp3 player and I can use the earbuds to listen to it? I’m confused if you need “blue tooth audio device” or… if a mp3 player that is blue tooth even exist.


So I’m guessing it is 3 pieces. You have a blue tooth transmitter you plug into the phone, blue tooth receiver, and head phones that plug into the receiver.


I’m wondering…

Does this:

A) Connect to your phone via bluetooth while plugging the dongle into your mp3 player?


B) is this exclusively meant to be used by one device at a time.