Samsung Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

You guys really should decorate your head mannequin. Maybe paint it or put on some stickers or something.


How much just for the head? Halloween is coming up!

use mine at the airport when I travel and it really does drown out the background noise

Not all of our heads can be giant Ken Jennings heads.

Doesn’t having noise canceling headsets defeat the purpose? I mean…don’t headsets PLAY noise? Why would they cancel out their purpose? It seems like an oxy moron to me.


Would this be good for ps3 online gaming

You know, I have always wanted one of those emotionless disembodied model heads to hang a quality set of headphones on at night… I need to make a call to woot’s sales department, I have a great idea!

The silver surfboard comes with bluetooth?

My God… They’re shaped like ears.

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george, is that you?

Ha! I’d love to use this in my state to obey the “hands-free” cell phone law.

But seriously, I wonder if I could use this with my laptop’s bluetooth.

Haha. Seriously, does the heads have names? Do they end up in B****oC’s when they get worn out?

they cancel out the outer noises so u can hear better when u are talking

These would be perfect for Invading Vulcans to hide their ears!


I’m guessing this isn’t the Bluetooth you use while driving.

How well do the speakers work for making calls? It seems like if you were in a loud place whoever you were talking to on your phone wouldn’t be able to hear you whatsoever.

Interesting, both microphones are on the same side. For some reason, I’d assumed there’d be one on each side like the speakers.