Pick Your Politic

No 3rd party option?

A third option would be nice.

If you’re looking for a third party option, I suggest you go shirtless and say you are wearing your “Unaffiliated” woot shirt.

Where’s my Libertarian shirt? Left out like my candidate gets left out in the media :cry:

Our elections would be much more pleasant if all the candidates were this adorable. Nice to see Ramy draw some elephants and donkeys as cute as his penguins and bunnies!

Will these go in the Reckoning as one shirt?!?

What about a half red, half blue shirt for the undecided?

Wouldn’t a libertarian print his or her’s own shirt without the help of some politically aligned third party?

Aw man. I’m not usually one to put my political views out there for all to see… but this is just so darn cute! conflicted

I wish there was a cat holding a black flag in its mouth as an option. I’m not one to choose from two poisons.

There’s always this one:


I wish we could see how many of each color are sold. :frowning:

We covered the third party in the write-up:

  • And sorry, third parties. We’re only doing the two big ones. So no Green Party Alligators or Libertarian Shrugging Atlases this time around.*

I’m wondering how many people have to ask “which is which” :slight_smile:

Last time I checked, the Libertarian Party in the US was a politically aligned third party…

When I first saw the shirt, I was really hoping it would be a front and a back!

But I guess Woot is doing their own political poll!

Exit polls predict some grumpy recipients the next time Woot offers random shirts.

That is one adorable elephant, almost cute enough to make me consider switching parties!

You could have done a Ferret with a flag to represent all the 3rd parties and independents. Like 3rd parties, Ferrets are cool, but nobody really takes them seriously.

We should just go to Gary Johnson’s site and buy his shirt there. :slight_smile: