We The People

Tempted to overnight it so I can vote wearing it…

I fully expect to see many people wearing this shirt on voting day.

Voting? Damn, I was thinking this would be GREAT for an “Adult Entertainment” convention! But yeah, sure, voting would work, too.

Damnit woot, now I really have to object.

Most of the time, I just accept that you don’t offer shirts in my size (5x).

But I really need this shirt. In fact, I need one for every day of the week. For reals.

I’m forlorn.

If y’all start a political war here, I WILL start deleting posts.

Those discussions belong in Everything But Woot.

And see… we think you are part of the problem. Want to go get a drink?

Same. Makes me want to volunteer at a polling station and just stand around wearing it.

We the People have been screwed for quite a while. We are just noticing it now.

Finally something all the voters can agree on - congrats on 1st place. XD

Mapinto for President! Congrats on the win.

Now, back on topic. Most states have banned politically themed clothing items from polling locations. This shirt might get you removed from the building, depending on the the mood of the volunteer checking you in.

Thanks, Woot, for getting that Schoolhouse Rock song stuck in my head…I’m going to go shop for a bidet toilet seat…:smiley:


Agreed. Bad enough I have to see this everywhere else, Woot should be a place for silly comments about ridiculous things.

What did you expect from a political t shirt?

Finally a shirt with no cats… This discussion will go awry quickly…

Does a CATastrophe count?

I think its time to get out that big pink eraser…

And i fully intend to vote wearing this shirt. :slight_smile:

To those buying this t-shirt, how does wearing this differ from kneeling during the National Anthem?