Pinnacle Studio Moviebox USB Video Capture Device


You can talk about it before it shows up.

Where’s the deal?!?!?! Hope there are only 2 of these left from last week.

I just bought one last week for the same price from here.

ummm… it has 1 gb?

always count the wootbot.


Oh well…good luck folks!

what is the resulting video resolution for video recorded off this device?

Takes balls to edit your post when somebody points out that you’re completely and totally wrong.

Meh! :frowning:

Does this include editing software?

You could use this to capture video from an xbox 360 for machinima purposes.

I can see the homemade pr0n montages already!

is this compatible with my golf clubs

looks like a lot of these

Can this be used to capture video from the spykee robot?

Looks like a good deal.

Buy & eBay are listing for ~ $100

Will this work with Windows 7?

It’s a USB device, the port is on the other side.