Pinnacle Studio Moviebox USB Video Capture Device

Anybody know if this will work with Windows 7 x64? I’ve had some problems with other Pinnacle USB stuff with x64 Windows.

Do I need to have a fast internet connection to use this?

Mixed reviews at Amazon

Can you take a composite signal into this thing and take a FireWire out to, say, capture in Final Cut or Adobe Premiere?

I want a simple S-video/composite recorder that can also schedule recordings, so I can record video provided by my satellite box’s S-video/composite out ports. Does the included software support scheduling? I would like to use this as a cheap PVR.

How does this device work with Macrovision?

I’m confused. What exactly would you refurbish on this??

no scheduling supported, it’s designed for video capture / video editing… Transferring VHS to DVD etc…

ignores macrovision… I’ve copied all kinds of old VHS movies…

Thanks for the quick reply! I don’t suppose you know of any cheap/free software that can, do you? All the software I have found only works with TV tuners, not general capture cards. Any suggestions (anyone)?

Here’s a 4-star review

Says it’s “tested, no problems found” over at their knowledge base.

And Studio 11 compatibility looks fine on Win7 x64, too.

Maybe this will answer some questions?
Woot on!

Still a bit much for what it does, need to convert a bunch of Hi8 tapes one day, wait I need a player for all those old tapes too…

Anyone know about native mac compatibility? Mac still seems to love firewire for any and all video importing, as I found out when I had to order a new firewire 800 cable for my MiniDV camera to work with a macbook pro.

Cool… now I can backup my favorite Disney movies :slight_smile:

Thank goodness for the splash of colour on the top of this thing. Woot - the Community view is looking very monochromatic. Thank goodness for the offerings on the 3rd (red picture) and 9th (turquoise)because everything else is white or gray.

Now that you mention it, the colours do have a very washed out look. Maybe it’s time to consider adding some zap to the color scheme.

Make the ‘RCA’ jump - from Black & White to Color.

a. Woot Info Post hey, at least it’s not horse crap

Pinnacle Studio Moviebox USB Video Capture Device [Refurbished] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

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Also need to convert Hi8 tapes - won’t this device help me do that? If not, what do I need? Thanks!