Pioneer Progressive Scan DVD Recorder

Pioneer Progressive Scan DVD Recorder
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Pioneer Progressive Scan DVD Recorder - DVR-220

$100 for a refurb? Unless this can up-convert, I would fork out the extra money for the oppo. Amazon has it for a good price.

Not bad woot…

$139 New at

Not a bad price. Good Job woot! <3

$225 new on Amazon

looks like it’s $60 on froogle - Froogle link

correction, that’s for a Regionfree modification. it’s actually goin for $129

ANother wasted day, another wasted woot. Thanks for the offer but pioneer and there warranty… just dont cut it. what good is a product you have to keep mailing back to them?

What is a Beverage of Choice?

re-fab = re-flab

i have been hitting refresh for 23 hours and 43 minutes for this?

goodluck tomorrow

looks nice … but i need something that records VHS to DVD

… thanks woot … but shrugs

Woot it is. Can buy for same price from froogle-listed sites.

I’m gonna kick myself for it… but I gotta pass tonight. If only this was 20USD cheaper…

Finally somthing Refurbished! And it comes with a Refurbished Remote!! I’m in.

Boooooo… enough with the expensive woots… give me something in a college budget.

They forgot to mention you will need a macrovision scrambler for another $60 to tape VHS

And copying DVD’s? Forget about it !!


100 bucks is a good price for this! I don’t need it, but I just might get it anyway!!

Froogle: $71 -$228.00

Tiger Direct $189.00 - $349

Amazon $89


$99.99 seems quite expensive for a refurb when it’s $139.99 new on

doesn’t this do that?