:w_boc: Post your 2022 Craps Here!!!

For my 26th BOC (been doing this since 12/20/06) I received the following crap.
Sure miss the BOC’s from the pre-Amazon days, there was usually some pretty good crap to be had

  • Colorful Pink Woot Crap Bag
  • 3D Massager
  • Always Extra Long Panty Liners
  • Haktoys Bubble Gun
  • Crayola Glitter Markers
  • The Original Wizard Card Game
  • bucky HeartWarmer
  • Predatorguard Scare Tape
  • Bar Cocktail Mixer/Frother
  • AccuMed Pregnancy Test 25 ct
  • Tape Measure 60"
  • Woot Door Opener with Stylus Tip For Touch Pads

Keep on Wooting!!!


Not too shabby. Even though I revived my account from the depths of like ten+ years ago and said hmm i remember WOOT I wonder what they’re up to. Then i ordered a bag of crap. The last thing I ordered were Krampuses, in 2012 :face_with_peeking_eye:. Anyway there was a point oh yeah. My address. It was old. Really old… Guess what i didn’t realize it either. So my BOC went to a nice old lady (oops) the post office was useless( shocking I know) so I rang the nice lady’s doorbell and she gave up the goods, sweet!! So i did eventually get my box, and I’ve fixed my address. It’s like a freaking fairytale over here. I got a needlessly wordy bumper sticker. A fancy as f*ck woot bag. A pre-seasoned cast iron pan. A dark blue customer return seat cushion?, a pair of sweat pants that will be too short because I’m one tall drink of water, and what I thought was a new Bose headset, but what is actually new wireless Bluetooth headphones either way they are the bomb diggity! Laptops were NOT included, I was supposed to be working, shh


I wasn’t sure if I should try again for a BOC since the last couple were not quite worth it for me. I went ahead and got one in the last woot off. I’m glad I did. I’m not going to list stuff just post pictures. I don’t know what the Dell item is so if anyone knows please comment.


It’s really hard to tell from that photo alone, it could be a lot of things (I thought it was a phone until I saw the Dell logo.) My guess is that it’s a laptop dock, esp. considering what others have gotten; take it out, look on the underside for the S/N or P/N and search that to find out for sure. It’s too wide to be a microdesktop, unless they’ve started doing a new design for them.

Thank you WOOT!!
Those glass lids sure are handy dandy


Here is my bag o crap for July….I think I did pretty good!!! Some might say craptastic :poop:


Oh no! So unfortunate!! You need them to start doing digital crap in the app boxes again! Help @ThunderThighs, you’re @HelloYellow 's only hope!


This was the best BoC we’ve ever gotten. My daughter loves the colored glasses, pink hairbrush, and shiny bag. My son loves the golf ball and spray bottle. My husband loves the floss picks, screwdriver, and wood filler. I love the little solar system book/card thing and the fact that the Final Fantasy game can be sold for 10 bucks by itself. :joy:


Hi fff friend. It’s Spiffy :joy:

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First timer here…feeling good about my crap. Now where is my disco ball.


My first BOC (Bring Old Cash)!!


I got a Apple Watch too, but I tried to sync it to my phone it’s telling me it’s registered to someone’s phone. I’m going to try calling the “certified refurbished” center that’s on the box to see if it can be reset somehow.
Is yours the same way?

The swifter mopping cloths leaked all over and destroyed some of my crap making it extra crappy! ER especially love the clip in bangs! So fun! Thank you, Woot!


My “Black on Color” boc from the most recent Woot! Off.
My best boc yet and probably ever. I’ve never received anything notable, so this was amazing!
That’s an ipad pro and it seems to be working (makes up for the EMPTY Fitbit box I got excited about a couple years ago)
*ipad will most likely be sold, and $ used to feed the kittens I foster, so im extra grateful today! Thanks inflation!


Received my very first Bam Ouch Crash today and my disappointment of not being disappointed is immeasurable. I received a box of mostly useful items, thanks Woot!

1 shiny Crap bag

1 screaming Woot! monkey

1 Woot! no contact door opener/button pusher

1 silicone scalp massager

2 O-Cedar mop head refills, and I actually have this mop already!

1 big box of Kleenex

1 package of Seventh Generation baby wipes

1 nano robotic cat toy

1 5D diamond painting kit (cat design…I’m sensing a theme here)

1 package of 130 mini nail buffers

1 set of 3 curtain rod brackets

1 dashboard magnetic holder

1 plastic garden spray nozzle

1 pair of remotes to a solar flood light kit. I have no idea which lights these go to so unfortunately these are likely garbage, but at least they came with 2 AAA batteries in each remote so it’s not a total loss

All in all I am pleased with the contents of this box and am so relieved none came with anyone else’s bodily excretions on them.


I have successfully gotten at least 1 very useful thing out of my last few boxes. But I’d be lying if I didnt think woot was trying to encourage me to commit a crime of passion!!

1 Woot! bag
1 we accept (credit cards) sticker
1 door opener/stylus
1 brown sugar saver
1 Cricut standard grip mat
1 pair of Wicked Stitch shorts (my size!!!)

1 (72 ct) Shabbos Candles
1 3D Massager
1 Stethescope identification tag
1 Hacksaw and Coping Saw set

Bring them in for a nice romantic dinner with candles. Get them nice and relaxed with the 3D massager. CUT TO BLACK. Stethescope to check for heartbeat, with identification tag to let you know it’s yours. Hacksaw and coping saw to hide the evidence!!

Thank you, Woot!!


haven’t had one of these in about first one ten years or so and it lived up to the name
shiny crap bag
woot auto cling
anker car dash mobile phone mount
6 pack of women’s socks
women’s large turtleneck top
men’s size 11 water shoes
5 single packs of purell wipes
two flameless candles
a pint glass with a mini hourglass timer in the base (to supposedly make you drink faster)


Badgers on Chairs came today :astonished:
Beautiful opalescent crap bag
Stellar Woot! Sticker sheet
2 cube chargers 3 plugs and 3 USB ports
set of 3 nesting kitchen tongs
2 boxes of AAA batteries one has 6 / 4 packs and the other has 2 / 4 packs even though the boxes are the same size hmmm?
two foil mylar blankets
1 power bank by anchor and
1 Goralar heat press for
"personalized customization "
Holy Cow Woot. This is awesome
Couldn’t find my disappointment anywhere woot!
may need to send another boc so I can check there



Thanks WOOT!!!
2 x Cuisinel cast iron skillets - SCORE :sunglasses:
Kenneth Cole shoes Mens 11 (gift)
Galaxy wicking shirt 3XL (donate)
Cover Girl swimsuit 2XL (gift)
Tommee Tippee baby bottles (donate)
2 x Hacksaw and Coping Saw sets
Jumbo Silicone Straws
WOOT! keychain/stylus/drawer puller (?)
Yoozon Bluetooth Phone Tripod w/remote
Yootech wireless charging stand
Rainbow weekly pill organizer
WOOT! shiny pink iridescent CRAP bag
Accu-Gauge Tire Pressure gauge

All in all, a very nice haul!!! What I can’t use I can certainly donate.
Happy Birthday WOOT!