:w_boc: Post your NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2021 CRAPS!!

Gun case (For my new G43X yay!)
Dog life jacket. (Too small for my pug.)
Strainer Drain
2 Diaper Genie carbon filters
Bottle nipple
Printer part
Lego sharks x2
Mini Frisbee
USB Hub w/ Post-it notes


I want a BOC that comes with a cutie scary & terrifying Ween!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I got my BoC towards the end of last month, but have been so freaking overwhelmed with life that it sat unopened in my craft room. Sorry woot lords and overlords. Please forgive my tardiness…. I received: Rubber gloves, Glass screen protector for a Samsung which I do not own, sync and charge cable, Oil lantern, Mickey Mouse blowouts, hit mit beach game, Christmas lights necklace, Reynolds wrap, Bug zapper racket, Bert’s bees infant clothing, and an inter-dimensional locker. Oh yeah and some woot-off stickers and a confidential crap bag!


Solid BoC for me. 12 W car chargers (X3), cupcake decorating kit, mini frisbee, XS doggie life jacket (might actually fit), spatula, Gin themed puzzle, kids book, and purple bag. Needed none of it, can use most of it.


I think I won the bizarre jackpot with this BOC. Won it from one of the games at like 2am when I was bored.

Woot shopping bag
VR headset (crappy one)
Aqua doodle mat
“I heart you to bacon and back” purple snorting pig
Mosquito repellent band
A Chinese moped spark plug

Edit: OMG I almost forgot cuz I immediately put them away for Christmas: A package of 10 Energizer max D batteries.

So of course I immediately popped my phone into the VR headset and watched Katya’s “Be Your Own Dentist” VR experience.


VR experience link: KATYA - Be Your Own Dentist (Official 3D Immersive Film) - YouTube


El BOC of mine

Kitty Paw sticky notes
5 pack of charcoal filter for something
3D Cookie tree cutters
Pack of five twist knobs
Sparkle art
Sprite lip smacker keychain
Sequin pillowcase
Decoration items
Baby nail scissors, baby not included
Monkey sticker
Party wine glass markers
A pack of pencil cases


This was, undoubtedly, the most disappointing BoC yet in terms of how awesome it was. Imagine our surprise, wanting to be disappointed on the Wednesday before thanksgiving and we didn’t even get that!

Here’s what we DID get:
1 x Woot bag

1 x Woot BoC sticker (already stuck to furniture inappropriately)

2 x iPhone adapters (got like 5 of these now)

1 x knockoff rubix cube. Already scrambled and solved (with included instructions)

1 x how to train your dragon toy (claimed by my 4 yo son)

1 x water bottle (claimed by my 7yo daughter)

1 x 50th keychain - I’m 46, but that clock is ticking

1 x blístex chapstick - always useful

2 x LED eyelash lights. Can’t wait to hit the next rave with these on!

1 x teething toy - we’ve got friends about to have a baby. Easy Christmas present!

1 x Argan hair mask (wife’s)

1 x body oil (wife’s)

1 x reading glasses (wife’s but I’m not allowed to post that here)

1 x Apple Watch band light blue (wife’s)

A very, very good BoC that we can all be thankful for!


I think those cat paw things might be bookmarks. Like the type you clip around a page, and the little ones being line markers for studying.

Edit: Nope, found them. they’re sticker notes and index marker notes (so, also for marking lines on a page in a book, lol.)


The big plus, they are really cute looking. I have 3 different colored cats and there is a matching sticker for each one.


Woot Bag… Always look forward to.
Baby Wipes… Useful
Baby nipples… ummmm.
Tiny woot frisbee… Fun in the house
Universal CPU holder… Quite Expensive, thank you.
Plates… Hello, perfect timing
Jump Rope… I will use it to tie up something.
Pixar Finding Dori toy… Does not go in the water, hmmm…
Great bag, I’m happy & everyone always gets something.
Y’all had to been following a cabbage truck…


I have that same water bottle! I use it often and it’s from a popular brand sold on Amazon.


My BOC is on the way. Supposedly weighs 8lbs. Last time I had a heavy boc it was full of computer paper. The disappointment has started!


Mine with the VR headset was 8lbs. So… slightly less useful than paper.


Just scored Bowls of Celery! Now I can relax until the disappointment arrives. Something might have gone wrong, though… no VoP!


I’m not even going to tempt myself with that level of disappointment! With my luck, it will be paper or a bunch of uninteresting books :joy:


Anyone interested in sharing how you saw and obtained the purchase of your bag of crap? I never seem to catch them in time.


Some people either constantly refreshed the Wootbusters page, or they watched as new forum threads were created.


Yep. I was one of the “constantly refresh the Wootbuster page” people.


Play digital crap after midnight tonight or tomorrow
BOCs will be offered as the crap, but they should go fast


And tonight, too, according to the schedule on the Holiday Survival Guide.