Power Air Fryer or Electric Grill

Power Air Fryer or Electric Grill

Why fry air?
Damn millennials…

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Don’t waste your money on the 6 qt oven style air fryer. That thing is a hunk of junk. Doesn’t cook evenly and is hard to clean. I bought one online from another source and ended up returning it. I have another brand of air fryer and enjoy it. But after my experience with the Power Air Fryer brand I will be avoiding all their products.


The electric grill refurbs are probably the units returned because of fan failures. The fan doesn’t affect the cooking process so no biggie to me.

I am a guy that BBQs over charcoal at least 2x/wk and use a smoker about 2x/mo so I had my doubts about an indoor electric grill. I recently had leg surgery that limits my mobility so no more outdoor BBQ. I received my electric grill today and it looked new despite the refurb disclaimer on the sale. All parts were present and it assembled easily. I threw on 5 chicken breasts and they cooked great at 390deg. No smoke, nice grill marks. Even finished them with some sticky BBQ sauce. Came out great. Also did 4 ears of corn. Cleaning wasn’t bad. I am impressed. Flavor isn’t quite as good as charcoal cooking but it is still good. Make sure you use the water pan to absorb the smoke.