PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable Dumbbell Set
Price: $249.99
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Condition: New


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Solid Reviews over at Dick’s

Cheaper at Dick’s for the next two days only because selling for 300 and can take 20% off for the next two days then costing $240 plus free shipping

[MOD EDIT: Dick’s only has $50 shipping credit off $88 shipping cost]

I got my 50lb set at Dicks about 5 years ago. Love them and use them just about every day.

The only issue that my set has started to have over the years, is that the left side set seems to stick sometimes at the 40/45 lb selections. If I pull the weights out too fast an unused 5lb plate might come off as well if I’m not careful. To prevent this I’ve just pulled the weights out a little slower on that side to make sure nothing is sticking. Not really a problem for me, doesn’t affect my workouts.

I went with powerblocks because the other types with the “rotate” or “click” options always seem to have busted demo units in stores.

I got the powerblock weight stand to go with the weights. Its sturdy as hell and I’ve had no problems with it. Easy to move as well.

I’ve got a set of these with the weight additions bringing it to 100lbs each. They’re awesome for space saving and all around perfect for just about anything you could use in a pressing movement.

The only thing that kills is the price… I waited years till I could afford them and found them on Craigslist with the stand, upgraded weight addition and the bench. Its a perfect set if you can afford them; if you’re on the fence do it and be happy! Worst case you’ll have no trouble selling them on Craigslist :slight_smile:

Does this include the kettle block? It’s shown in the first photo, but then again so is the stand in later photos and that isn’t included…

Not sure where you are seeing a kettle block… In the first picture they show the handle removed from the rest of the weights and the 2.5 lb cylinders that go in the handle.

I’m willing to bet all that’s included are the two white handles, four 2.5 cylinders that go inside the handles, and the exterior weight plates. No stand. No “kettle block.”

I don’t own this exact model, but the one’s I do have are great. Had them for over four years and have never had a problem. They save a TON of space and are easy to transport if you move.

Only one problem. For certain exercises where your wrists might wind up more parallel to the handle (rows, tri ext) the exterior plates may bump into your forearm because your hand goes so far inside the dumbell. Other than that, I highly recommend.

Are these expandable?

These aren’t the same dumbbells. The Classics at Dick’s are only adjustable in 5 lb increments. The ones at Woot have different handles that have adder weights so you can adjust in increments of 2.5 lbs. The ones at Woot are effectively twice as many options than the ones at Dick’s. I can say from experience that smaller increments are extremely helpful for progressing in strength training programs so don’t discount the value of having the smaller increments available.

I went into Dick’s site to purchase these, but the 20% discount does not show. The $50 shipping credit is there, just no product discount.
I checked the “details” and PowerBlock is NOT on the list of excluded items so I am not sure what is wrong.

These are excellent. I purchased a set of these about 8 years ago from the mfg (it came with a stand which you’ll need – I noticed the stand is in the photos but I’m not sure it’s in this set).

Mine have almost no visible wear on them after regular ( avg. 3 days a week) use. My dad has an older set from about 15 years ago which still look fairly new. They’ve improved them since the original models.

Free weight exercises are best! Just make sure you get yourself a stand that sits just below waist level if this set does not come with one. You don’t want to be bending down to the floor and picking these up.

I asked in the little chat thing they have and they said its excluded due to vendor policy. However the person i talked to said they would give me the discount anyway =O YMMV

So when it says you’re getting a “set” does that mean one dumbbell or two?

I’ve wanted a pair of adjustable dumbells for a while now, but I wonder - are these secure, or do they shift and clink when you use them?

Mine are 100% silent. They’re pretty much the best fitness-related purchase I’ve ever made.