Pressure Washers - Your Choice

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Pressure Washers - Your Choice
Price: $69.99 - 89.99
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AR142 Product Page and Reviews

Check out the product page for the AR142-P and the AR116

I got one of these 2 years ago, only been used 5 or 6 times, but very happy with it.


Got one of these a few years ago and it’s Amazing! never a problem and works perfectly for all your normal home tasks. If you get much higher pressure than this you actually start to damage the wood on your deck.

Still have mine from the first sale. Still running strong.

The swirly brush is awesome for cleaning decks and sidewalks fences and whatnot. That peice alone is like $33 at HD.

The “foamer bottle” is just OK - you may be better served with a “foam lance” if that’s your thing - just make sure to get the model with the “Nilfisk / Kew / Alto” compatible fitting.

This thing came with one fitting that I’m still trying to figure out what it’s for.

My only complaint is that the O-rings on the tools dry out too quickly. Not surprising I suppose, and common enough that it’s not a huge deal.

For the price seriously considering a “spare” (or joining them for the worlds longest cleaning gun)

I have one and I am happy with it. I wish I could find a brass connector to replace the plastic one, just in case it breaks.

this guy seems to like it to clean his ATV!

Here’s a review

this guy changed over to metal connectors, but went back to the plastic quick connectors that were supplied with it, said the metal were too leaky- and the plastic connectors that came with it will seal just fine if you use teflon tape.

Which “connector”?? There’s brass 1/4" NPT or BSP to “this connector” adapters on eBay

If you keep the O-rings fresh there’s no need to change anything else. Zero leaks in mine. Maybe I’m just lucky…

I beat the crap out of the one I got about 3 years ago, and the bottle is now broken. Need to get replacement parts. Works pretty well for the price.

Pretty good deal here. I paid over $100 for mine last year, the 142 I believe, and I didn’t get all those acessories.

Puffy is right, O-Rings can dry out, but they are cheap enough to make it not an issue.

Puffy is right again about getting a brass connector at HomeDepot fairly easy, although I have yet to need one on mine.

Puffy…right again…the foam cannon thing will only shoot out a soapy solution, no real foam. I grabbed a foam lance on Amazon for $40, and it literally covers my truck in a thick foam that sticks for a while, making washing a matter of spray foam, wait, rinse, very little to wipe down after that.

Good stuff…just be careful, as the jet stream can break skin, car paint, damage siding, and leave marks in pavement and concrete…

Which lance did you pick up?

This one.

This may sound silly, but I can’t tell from the images - so I’m hoping that you, as a product owner, can tell me if I can turn it down? I have aluminum siding and I’m worried that the 1600 PSI may be too much, so I was wondering if I am able to use LESS pressure with this? I only have experience with gas powered pressure washers, and each one of those I’ve used I could do this.

A little late now - but there may be another sale…

There’s 2 nozzles - one is a “standard sprayer” that blasts what is in effect a conical pattern (I think the core actually spins) - then there is another sprayer that is “adjustable” - it essentially squeezes 2 stainless steel plates in front of the stream, in effect flattening it and spreading it out in a fan. I don’t know that this technically reduces the pressure, but it does take some of the force from the stream. But it’s still pretty strong regardless… dunno if that helps…

So I ordered this item on March 11th. It’s March 19th and the item still hasn’t shipped. Woot customer service seems to be oscillating between definitions of “processing time” and “shipping time,” which makes it look like they aren’t sure themselves. Not sure if anyone else is dealing with this.