Product Spotlight: Jersey Zip Hoodies

Aren’t these the Tultex 0260 hoodies, which are made in Pakistan? The specs say Honduras/Nicaragua, which suggests t-shirts.

I’ve been eyeing that zelda shirt design for a long time! I’m glad to see it as a zip hoodie! The lack of a design on the frocket area is disappointing. the quickest instabuy I’ve had in a long time o.0

I just emailed those crazy shirt peeps. We’ll get you an update ASAP. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Sale is fixed to state Pakistan. Thanks!

It would’ve been nice if it were oriented in true leftie fashion, but I love the concept too much to pass up on it. In for one.

Edit: whoops, meant the Zelda hoodie, of course.

Are these the same blanks as the other lightweight hoodies, or a different product? If it is different I’d be interest in how the fit compares.

Different. The previous lightweight zip hoodie was a tri-blend manufactured by Alternative Apparel in the Dominican Republic. These are 60/40 manufactured by Tultex in Pakistan.

Unless someone has personal experience with these, the sizing chart is all we have to go by in terms of fit.

Does anyone know if the size on the zip hoodies run larger than that chart. If you look at the size for the XL long sleeve t-shirt and the 2XL hoodie, the hoodie is smaller. That seems wrong. Thanks

I must be the only one trying to figure out what a Jersey Zip was, especially since there wasn’t a zipper obviously apparent in the picture. Some wacky concept like a Jersey wall? A Jersey jughandle?

(I get it, now, that it’s referring to the material.)

+1, but especially so because I’m a leftie :frowning: I’ll just get a triforce sewed onto the end of the left sleeve to make up for it XD

Edit: the sword is right-handed, but the bow and arrow is actually left-handed. A left-handed archer pulls arrows from a quiver on my left side using my left hand. the shirt’s quiver is slightly angled to the left side, so it’s leftie?

Does this mean that these will be replacing the previous light weight hoodies?

Different brands, different country of origin, different sizing.

The long sleeve tees are made by American Apparel in the USA. These hoodies are made by Tultex in Pakistan.

No idea.

We put these on our hott bods and we dig 'em. I don’t think we’re going to replace the LW hoodies with these, they seem to be more of an in between and we’re pretty happy about that. They do seem to run true to size, by which I mean I like ML hoodies (and tees) from us and I would also get a ML in this. Here’s one of my beheaded coworkers sporting a ML in black (and check out how vivid the pink is):

Overall, I really like these new hoodies and I intend on nabbing one for myself. Hope you guys try 'em out too.

Are the images the same as a jersey zip up hoodie or is that product something totally different? o.0

Biggest size 2XL. We larger people cannot run around all winter in a tshirt. It’d be great to be able to get a 3X sweatshirt.

All the hoodies in the image are jersey zip-ups.

I like the fact that the zippers are less obvious in this design.

I have a LW zip hoodie of Nevermore and I love the weight, feel, and printed design, but HATE the contrasting zipper. I don’t want a bright white line going down the front of my jacket.

These look good. :slight_smile: I might need one.

Thanks! Just realized that after posting that. All the prints in this special are on the same jersey.

I really tempted to get well equipped because that it just too perfect. I wish you had an XS size here. A 20" chest is gonna be a little big I’m afraid, even for a jacket. I wonder if I’d be able to easily take it in…

Agreed. I ordered the 2X but I’m worried it will end up being too tight on me.