Proslat Garage Organization

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Proslat Garage Organization
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7/28/2014 - $297.99 - 999.9

Time to learn all about the slatwall and accessories

Comments from a previous similar offer

I got some of this from a previous Woot and have been pleased with it. Their support has been good. I put mine up in a closet under a stairway, so I had to order a few extra pieces of edging. No trouble ordering it, shipping was reasonable and it arrived as expected.

Installing the stuff is relatively easy but you do need to think it through before you start. Especially if you’re going to be cutting any of the pieces or laying it out in some way other than just a rectangular section. It’d also be a good idea to purchase extra wall fasteners (for drywall, or whatever you’re attaching it to). That and it helps to have two cordless screwdrivers; one with a drill bit for pilot holes and the other with a philips head screwdriver for the fasteners.

It VERY much helps to pre-drill pilot holes instead of trying to use the screws to self-tap their way through the slats. Yes, “they can” but it’s much easier on the fingers to not have to guide a spinning screw while trying to avoid having it skip around inside the narrow slat channel.

Do not skimp on the wall fasteners. Slat walls depend on being able to spread the weight of whatever’s attached through to the wall via those screws. So don’t expect to just put up a few of them, follow the instructions and put up as many as they recommend (and then add some more).

Description says it has a silver powder coat, but the product says white finish. Which is it?

[mod edit: now updated, it’ll be a white finish]

The panels are white - accessories (meaning hooks, baskets, shelves, etc.) are silver powder coat.

Hi all-
Meg from Proslat here - happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is this compatible with the Gladiator system? I have extra pieces etc. from a prior purchase. Thanks

If you’re buying this to hang bikes, DON’T. It will hang most things very well, as long as they’re very close to the wall.

I bought some additional bike hooks from ProSlat to hang my bikes perpendicular to the slats, to get more room. Horrible idea. I’m talking about 25 pound bikes here, and they’re literally pulling the slats apart.

Hugely disappointing to spend this much, and have to go back to the drawing board.

Hi Meg,

I already have both sides of my garage covered with proslat. At the time of purchase from woot, I didn’t know what accessories I would need. I bought one of each and figured I would use them and buy again as needed. Since then, I haven’t seen accessories on woot(or have been missing it). Any plans to run a sale on all of the shelves, hooks, and accessories any time soon?

I agree with this guy. Please post more items for sale on woot!

Proslat items are pretty much MSRP anywhere else I’ve looked, and I’d hate to go with offbrand hooks because they are available cheaper.

No offense, but you did it wrong.

I’m able to do pull ups off a pro shelf hanging on the Proslat.

The instructions are pretty clear. You need to be anchored at least 1.5 inches into a stud, at 16 inches apart. I have a wall that has 24 inch studs apart, so I used this: and I also used some coarse screws between the studs to hold the proslat to the drywall. This is the wall that can support my weight. They also say the weight should be distributed evenly, so hopefully not all your bikes are in one place.

This stuff is strong, beautiful, and convenient. I love it. I just wish accessories were cheaper and more accessible.

My studs are 16", and I even bought SPAX screws to replace the crap ones they send you in the package. A single bike hanging pulls the slats apart.

I purchased the ultimate bundle a few months back and I’m very happy with it. To echo an earlier comment, drilling holes before screwing in is very helpful. I have a corded and cordless drill and set one of them up with a drillbit and the other with a phillips head driver. That combo worked really well.

Measure twice and cut once. That is doubly true for this as you don’t really have much of an opportunity to grab another piece if you measure and cut incorrectly. If you are putting up an 8x8 section it is a bit more forgiving but for the 4x8 sections, the side rails will need to be cut from 8ft to 4ft.

I have found the strength and versatility to be a big plus. I have lawn equipment hanging on one section (gas weedeater – heavy, drills, blower, rakes, shears, etc.) and misc “garage stuff” on the other. I prefer to keep my bike on the floor just due to ease of getting it in and out but I’m pretty confident Proslat will hold the weight.

The finished product looks really good and is very versatile. It is extremely easy to move hooks and baskets and reconfigure. Accessories are a bit hard to find and neither Home Depot or Lowes seemed to carry them. I also didn’t find any compatible 3rd party hooks and baskets. Amazon has a good selection but it will be difficult to simply run down the street and get an inexpensive basket or hooks on a Saturday afternoon. I ended up ordering 24 hooks but still feeling out if I need more baskets. The baskets are a bit pricey but also seem to hold quite a bit of weight.

What really gives the wall strength is that you are screwing this into the studs – every stud – for the entire length of the slat. If you take some time to distribute the weight adequately, it is a pretty solid piece of construction that will definitely hold quite a bit of weight. I think I counted almost 90 screws in each 4x8 panel. You really do want a power tool for this.

Shipping caveats… The ultimate bundle should ship in 3 boxes – 2x boxes of slats, 1x box of accessories. You should also get 3 tracking numbers. When I received mine, Woot sent 2 tracking numbers but when the boxes showed up, one of the 4x4 panels was missing. That was when customer service notified me that each box should have its own tracking. That was quickly corrected but as soon as Woot let’s you know “its a-comin’”, make sure you have tracking for all 3 boxes.

Unfortunately, none of the boxes actually had instructions (it was probably in the original missing box). However, Proslat has installation videos which got me through the process without much of a problem. I do not consider myself “handy” but was able to do the job by myself. I do recommend a second person just to make sure it is level before you start.

As mentioned by others, weight distribution really is the key and Proslat versatility makes it a real winner in this respect.

Did you install as per the instructions? Every 16" to your studs? Email me images to and let me get to the bottom of this.

fire me an email ( and I’ll add you to my list for advance notifications :wink:

I may well have a solution for you. email for details.

Did you overlap the panels correctly? The top one should partially overlap the one below it so that the stress gets distributed. when I put up my first few panels I realized I did it wrong and had to redo it.

My neighbour has a heavy tire rack with winter tires/rims hanging on his (as have I, but ended up putting my tire rack directly into studs elsewhere because the tire rack protruded in the way).